8 Bathroom Trends Going Away in 2023

Soaking tubs, gold brass details, and a move away from plain white bathrooms are ahead in 2023.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s a place where we do so many things from relaxing to getting ready. However, the style of these spaces is crucial because it can impact the resale value of a home. So, if you’re currently in the process of renovating your home or looking for a home with a renovated bathroom, it’s best to choose something that doesn’t look dated. 

From overall looks to details, color, and everything in between, here are eight bathroom design trends going away in 2023 according to real estate and interior design professionals. 

Single Primary Bathrooms 

Most people want to be alone in the bathroom. So, while master or primary bathrooms will always remain essential, those who want to take it to the next level are currently asking for or building multiple primary bathrooms, says agent Tim Walsh of Village Properties. “At the high-end, my clients ideally want two completely separate primary bathrooms,” he tells me.   

Interior view of a bathroom

One of 4 full bathrooms, this home adopts a full shower and bath combination. (Hawaii Life)

When this isn‘t possible due to space or budget contestants, the agent tells me two distinct sink areas with two separate commodes will suffice.

Bathtubs Inside of Showers

The popularity of bathtubs has changed quite a bit in recent years. Many homeowners have opted against bathtubs in their master bathrooms, replacing them with large, luxurious showers instead. 

This soaking tub demonstrates the kind of luxury that having a separate shower can provide. (LUXE)

That ultimately evolved into installing bathtubs inside of showers. However, this look will be going away in 2023 according to broker Evangelina Petroni of IS Luxury. “The biggest change in trends I’ve seen over the last few years has been in the use of bathtubs. Several years ago we saw a trend emerge that had bathtubs being placed inside of oversized showers.” 

She tells me that these, along with the jetted tubs, are being replaced with luxurious stand-alone soaking tub which have a timeless look and require minimal maintenance.

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All-White Bathrooms

Interior view of a bathroom with intricate blue tiling.

Adorned with extravagant blue tiling, this bathroom takes inspiration from the craftsmanship of San Miguel. (CDR San Miguel)

Along with all-white kitchens, all-white bathrooms have been having a moment for several years now. But now, this aesthetic is beginning to look dated, explains interior designer Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors. “I think all white and austere bathrooms have seen their day. As people use their bathroom to prepare for the day—shower, hair, makeup, facial treatments, etc.—they need a surrounding that is full of positive energy which means color. It could be a soft and gentle sage green or a bolder approach with vibrant blues. But either way, a bathroom that feels cold and impersonal doesn’t work anymore.” 

Monochromatic Aesthetics

A full mix of materials, along with a beautiful tray ceiling, give this bathroom elegance. (Driven Properties)

In addition to the all-white bathroom, any sort of monochromatic color scheme will fall out of favor in 2023. “Monochromatic bathrooms are no longer fresh. Homeowners are more interested in infusing their powder rooms with interest and personality. Wainscotting and ceilings will be treated, along with trim and moldings,” says interior designer Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design.

Modern and Contemporary Wallpapers

Wallpaper has had a major resurrection. From bedrooms, home offices, kitchens, and even bathrooms, wallpaper is an easy way to give any room a unique personality. It’s also a great way to take a design risk without a huge cost. 

Interior view of a bathroom with birch wallpaper

Monochrome wallpaper in this bathroom creates a distinct mood between spaces. (Slifer Smith & Frampton)

Three wallpaper designs that have been quite popular are trellis, Greek Key, and chevron according to Phillips. “[In 2023 they will be] replaced with florals, scenic or chinoiserie papers.” Considering how homeowners and even renters have been gravitating towards more traditional, grand millennial and coastal grandmother designs, it’s easy to understand why the designer is anticipating this.  

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Chrome Finishes

These warm gold grass fixtures add warmth into this bathroom. (Moreland Properties)

“For many years, chrome and stainless-steel finishes were considered a staple in luxury bathrooms,” says interior designer Mina Lisanin of ML Interiors. “However, the clean sleek finish makes any bathroom design seem sterile and cold. The same type of feeling you get at a doctor’s office. 2023 will all be about warmth and personality. The beloved chrome finishes have been replaced with the new trendy matte black faucets and fixtures and aged bronze or brass finishes.”

Capsule-Shaped Mirrors

In recent years, capsule-shaped mirrors have surged in popularity. “From frameless to black framed to long to short. Anything pill-like, we’ve seen it all. When thinking about bathroom mirrors, one often thinks of a round or rectangular solution. It’s because of this reason that most people lean towards a capsule-shaped mirror. If a rectangle and round-shaped mirror had a baby, this would be it,” says Lisanin. 

interior view of a bathroom with large mirrors

Mirrors lined up make this bathroom feel spacious. (IS LUXURY)

This style has become so ubiquitous that people are growing tired of it. “While it is still a nice solution to jazz up any bathroom, it simply is overplayed. I recommend going with a round illuminated mirror or smart mirror with anti-fog technology, Bluetooth connection for your favorite dance party in the shower, and weather forecast so you know if you should curl your hair on a rainy day. A cute and functional mirror when getting ready to start your day.” 

Matching Fixtures and Faucets

While most homeowners choose a tone for their hardware and stick to it, this look will start to fade in popularity in the coming year. “For years, it was assumed if you were to get a stainless-steel faucet, every other plumbing fixture would need to be the same finish. It’s 2023, and with big personality comes a new curation of fixtures and faucets,” says Lisanin. 

Interior view of a bathroom with matching faucets

Bronze trim gives an elegant feel to this airy and bright bathroom in NYC. (Elegran)

“There’s no rule book that says it has to be the same finish. Have fun and mix your metals. For example, if you have a matte black faucet and have fallen in love with an aged bronze showerhead. Go for it and use both. You can always sprinkle in aged bronze elements throughout such as the hardware at the vanity or other accessories throughout.”



I am a writer, design expert, host of the podcast Bougie Adjacent, and comedic performer. I am absolutely fascinated by all aspects of décor and design. It once took me six months to choose a soap dispenser and I can’t even remember what it looked like. I like bright prints, southern exposure and any location you can call a “village or town.” There are currently over 100 episodes of House Hunters on my DVR.

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