Living Room Trends We Saw In Properties On The Market In 2022

Interior view of a living room with large window and stylish design.
Finding time to relax amidst the bustle of everyday life often finds its space in the living room. (Long & Foster Real Estate)

While many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home, the living room is really where everyone wants to be. It’s a place to entertain friends and family, relax in front of the television, take a nap or get some work done. 

There were a variety of interesting living room trends we saw in homes in the market in 2022. While these trends varied throughout modern, traditional and contemporary style homes, the one element that remained constant throughout is that fine details are everything. Whether you are looking for a new home or renovating your current one, here are six living room trends that you’ll want to watch for in 2023. 

Fluted Walls

Do you want a sophisticated home? Installing a fluted wall brings instant sophistication and visual interest to any room but especially living rooms. They are the ideal addition to any modern or contemporary home.

Interior view of a living room with fluted walls.

Mirroring the outside of the home, this fluted wall adds a focal point to this living room. (Moreland Properties)

There is a gorgeous fluted wall in the living room at 1607 Mohle Drive in Austin, Texas, which was built by renowned architect Kevin Alter of Alter Studio. This interior fluting also complements the fluted exterior wall of this exquisitely designed home.

interior view of a living room with chairs in a clean modern design.

Texture plays a huge role in this living room’s design, with the contrast between the matte black mantel and the warm fluted walls. (Moreland Properties)

There’s also a fluted wall in the living room at 704 West Johanna Street, also in Austin. It makes the space feel complete. But that’s not the only thing the home has to offer— fully renovated, it has a sleek black stone kitchen, four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. 


Built-ins are back and here to stay. They’re an ideal choice for a living room because they can be used as bookshelves, to store throw blankets and pillows or keep anything you want out of view if you install cabinet doors. There are endless ways to design built-ins in terms of function but also form. The wood can be stained, painted or covered with wallpaper. 

Interior view of a living room with built in shelving

Visually striking against large floor to ceiling windows, these built-ins add function and style. (Groupe Mercure)

The built-in units in the living room at this apartment in Bordeaux are stunning. With fluted accents and square shelves, it is truly the main attraction besides the priceless views. 

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Interior view of a living room with a fireplace

A classic in any living room design, this fireplace has a decorative mantel that echoes the moldings used throughout the home. (Long & Foster Real Estate)

Fireplaces are the ideal addition to any living room. They create a sense of warmth and coziness that makes a house feel like a true home. There is a gorgeous fireplace in this elegant home in a park-like setting located in Bethesda, Maryland. It adds a big dose of charm to the contemporary space with lovely European-style detailing that complements the floor moldings. This home also has a renovated open kitchen, plantation shutters and abundant light.

Interior view of a living room with a brick fireplace

Classic exposed brick makes a statement in this brownstone. (Elegran)

A fireplace also exudes charm in this fabulous Brooklyn townhouse located at 113 Jefferson Avenue. While there are so many different ways to design a mantel, it’s impossible to go wrong with old-fashioned exposed brick.

Herringbone Floors

But the fireplace isn’t the only trending feature at 113 Jefferson Avenue. The new herringbone floors are also quite noteworthy. This flooring was installed in both the living and kitchen of the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home.

Interior view of a home with herringbone flooring.

Adding visual movement to this otherwise long and open living room and dining room, herringbone flooring breaks up the space in an elegant way. (Elegran)

We started to see herringbone floors fall back into favor before the pandemic and now they’ve become a hallmark of what a sophisticated home should be. This classic look adds a traditional twist and is likely to stay popular for years to come as homeowners begin to grow tired of standard wood slat flooring.

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Wainscotting is a type of millwork and a great example of a traditional look that’s come back in style in recent years. It’s a fine detail that can add value and appeal easily to a home. It’s also far more visually interesting than a standard painted wall. 

interior view of an empty living room with wainscotting.

The wainscotting shown here adds a sophisticated touch of interest to this room. (Turpin Realtors)

We see simple yet beautiful wainscotted walls at 71 Hamilton Street in Madison, New Jersey. It is one of many traditional details of this four-bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom home, including a fireplace, designer kitchen and lovely patio space. 

Sunken Living Rooms

Sunken living rooms are back in style and pair wonderfully with a more modern aesthetic. (Long & Foster Real Estate)

While many people think of sunken living rooms as part of a traditional aesthetic, they can also have a modern style as seen at this custom designed contemporary home in Bethesda, Maryland. Down three steps, it adds a sense of coziness and timelessness that modern homes are often lacking. 



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