Montenegro’s Premier Golf-Integrated Residential Haven: A Harmonious Retreat Amidst Spectacular Landscapes

EUR 2,508,000
(US $2,722,635)
Lustica, Tivat, Montenegro
Status: Active

Nestled within the picturesque Montenegro landscape, this project embodies an exquisite blend of secluded living and integration into a vibrant resort community. Set against the rugged hills, it offers contemporary living spaces amid a backdrop of breath-taking vistas.

At the heart of this development lies Montenegro’s inaugural 18-hole golf course, a creation by Gary Player Design known for its ecological sensitivity. This course seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, offering players of all levels a captivating challenge coupled with stunning views.

Beyond golf, this enclave invites residents to embrace life’s pleasures—fine dining experiences, leisurely afternoons by the pool, Adriatic swims, and exploration within a close-knit community. It’s a sanctuary for cherished moments with friends and family.

The central hub, a stylish Clubhouse, not only houses top-notch golf facilities but also serves as a social nexus. It exudes local architectural influence while providing a space for skill enhancement, relaxation post-golf, and convivial gatherings.

Crafted with natural elements such as stone and wood, the residences ensure privacy and sophistication. From nature-centric family retreats to elegant entertaining spaces, these homes cater to varied lifestyles, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and an embrace of outdoor living.

This residential neighborhood introduces a new standard of outdoor living, boasting unrivaled 360-degree views of the Adriatic and UNESCO World Heritage Boka Bay. Meticulously integrated into the hillside, this development promises a unique living experience while prioritizing environmental preservation.

Residents benefit from comprehensive property management services, access to beaches and pools, eco-friendly transportation, round-the-clock security, and wellness amenities. The focus on eco-conscious practices and attentive customer care ensures a seamless and elevated lifestyle in the lap of Montenegro’s stunning landscapes.

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This unique 2 Bedroom home with 2 Bathrooms is a prime example of the luxury real estate available in Lustica, Tivat. You can visit our Tivat search pages for more luxury real estate choices in Lustica.