Luštica Peninsula’s Vibrant Urban Haven: A Thriving Neighborhood in Montenegro’s Landscape

EUR 1,492,000
(US $1,619,685)
Lustica, Tivat, Montenegro
Status: Active

This town project in Montenegro’s Lustica peninsula is a bustling hub that’s set to become the core of everyday life in the area. It’s strategically planned to seamlessly connect various districts, featuring vibrant streets and a bustling central area. This neighborhood, envisioned as a thriving spot for living, working, and leisure, boasts elegant architecture and welcoming open spaces.

It currently hosts a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants, and plans are in place for an ambitious sports village. Essential services like schools, police, and fire departments are also part of the blueprint for this popular locale. The housing options here range from studios to three-bedroom apartments, varying in size from 36 to 170 square meters. The design of these homes is sleek and contemporary, intended to harmonize with Montenegro’s architectural aesthetics and integrate well within Luštica Bay’s community.

Serving as the epicenter of this developing town, this neighborhood is conveniently located near a future golf course and within walking distance of the Adriatic Sea. It’s envisioned as the vibrant heartbeat of Lustica Bay, blending residential and commercial zones while offering abundant open spaces.

Covering 12.9 hectares, this planned development, while complementing the existing community of Radovici, aims to accommodate over 3000 residents. The design ethos of this area prioritizes functionality while also aesthetically blending with the surrounding landscape. It emphasizes outdoor living and community interactions with lively streets and a central gathering area.

From parks, sports courts, schools, and medical facilities to grocery stores, retail spaces, gyms, and dining options, this neighborhood is designed for convenience and inclusivity. It’s intended to foster a sense of belonging while reflecting Montenegro’s heritage and natural beauty in its design. The homes here offer modern Mediterranean-style living spaces, seamlessly integrating urban comfort with the charm of the local environment.

Square Meters

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