Montenegro’s Hidden Gem: Coastal Luxury & Yachting Haven on the Adriatic Coast

EUR 1,039,000
(US $1,127,918)
Lustica, Tivat, Montenegro
Status: Active

Embark on an extraordinary coastal journey in the sun-drenched embrace of Montenegro’s Lustica, a place where life flourishes amidst the turquoise Adriatic Sea. Here, a thriving community and an exclusive marina await, designed to elevate the essence of luxury living.

The marina stands as a haven for yacht owners, boasting first-class facilities and friendly legislation that bypasses EU tax and import regulations. Strategically positioned with easy access to four international airports, it’s the perfect hub for leisure boats, inviting enthusiasts to explore the Adriatic’s beauty.

Nestled within this coastal oasis lies a vibrant hub, a charming district filled with upscale boutiques, waterfront dining, and lively bars, all imbued with local charm. A prestigious five-star property, renowned for its luxury and refinement, graces this area, offering an unparalleled experience.

The architecture of the marina seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty surrounding it, promising an exceptional experience. Upon completion, it will feature numerous berths catering to yachts up to 45 meters, embodying the pinnacle of maritime luxury.

Become part of an exclusive community where life transcends the ordinary. Experience an exceptional quality of life, with every moment enriched by unique privileges. Step out to a vibrant waterfront, adorned with sunny beaches, exquisite dining, and elegant seafront lounges, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

These residences, meticulously designed to embrace breath-taking panoramas, offer open-plan living, expansive balconies, and terraces that merge indoor and outdoor living. Ranging from 47 to 135 square meters, these homes, from studios to three-bedroom apartments, epitomize luxury living, boasting uninterrupted sea and marina views, inviting tranquility and indulgence.

Discover a world of waterfront opulence, from elegant townhouses to stunning private villas overlooking the sea. Celebrate the indoor-outdoor lifestyle against a picturesque backdrop. Here, a luxury hotel stands as a beacon, complemented by marina-front restaurants, an amphitheater, and charming shops, creating an irresistible allure.

Enter a neighborhood where modern luxury harmonizes with the timeless charm of a traditional Montenegrin fishing village. It’s a blend of vibrant Riviera ambiance and nostalgic allure, promising a lifestyle of unparalleled distinction.

Square Meters

This unique 3 Bedroom home with 2 Bathrooms is a prime example of the luxury real estate available in Lustica, Tivat. You can visit our Tivat search pages for more luxury real estate choices in Lustica.