Waitavu Estate, Fiji

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Pacific Harbour, Fiji
Status: Active

There is an untamed beauty to Waitavu Estate – and it heightens the thrill of being here.

This magnificent 322 acre holding is wild and beautiful and exquisitely free. And even when you are immersed in the languid luxury of its sweeping hilltop home, it is the surroundings that steal your gaze.

Waitavu Estate has an ocean, a river and a rainforest as its fence line, and they make for the most breathtaking backdrop imaginable.

There is so very much about Waitavu that seems difficult to comprehend – such as its privacy, serenity and scale in the very midst of one of the most celebrated thrillseeker destinations in the world.

Pacific Harbour is known as the adventure capital of Fiji, and devotees come all year round to immerse themselves in its many wonders – diving, surfing, game fishing, ziplining, rafting, or reclining by the pool in the fine resorts gathered along the eastern bank of the bountiful Oraniqio River. But Waitavu Estate lies on the tranquil landscape of western bank. There is only one resort on this section of coastline – the exclusive Nanuku, which lies about a mile east and happens to have its own airstrip – which means the residents of Waitavu Estate can fly in from Nadi class than 30 minutes and touch down almost in their own backyard.

And moments later be here.

Waitavu’s home is wonderful – a little shoeless society. Designed in 2003 by its owners, who had seven years scouring Fiji for the perfect site, in partnership with leading architect Peter Rankin to enchant its people and, most importantly, respect its place. It consists of five simple but elegant bures, which all connect to serve as one exceptional residence, while still allowing separation and privacy. The home can sleep up to 20 when family and friends comes to stay and, and instinctively wrap itself back around just two when they leave. It is equipped to ensure its occupants can connect with the outside world and would undoubtedly provide one of the best Zoom backgrounds in all the world.

The pavilion design easily opens the door to further expansion if required, while a further five excellent home sites have been identified across the estate – meaning there is scope to add more residences to create what could become one of the most enticing private compounds in the South Pacific.

And rewarding as well. There is capacity for this estate, which is made up of four titles, to give back to the beautiful land on which it lies. The property has its own thriving nursery, which supports local children, while work has work on a sustainable sago palm plantation. And its 2.4 kilometres of pristine riverfront could support marine conservation.

Or there is simply the option to make this a place to invest in oneself. There are 14 surf world class breaks with an hour of Waitavu, and just offshore lie some of the finest dive spots in the south pacific. While an afternoon spent dropping a line of the end of its lovely little jetty will provide not just serenity, but almost certainly dinner as well.

The depth and quality of Waitavu Estate’s attributes is immeasurable. It is a genuinely exciting holding, and whether it is retained as it is or evolves under the vision of a new custodian, one thing will never change - it will always be a very beautiful place, in a very beautiful place. And assured to serve a very beautiful life indeed.


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Ken Jacobs

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