Wallpaper Trends We’re Seeing In Luxury Homes In 2021

In recent years, wallpaper has made a major comeback. There are several reasons for this resurgence. Wallpaper is both sophisticated and versatile. You can install wallpaper in every room of the home, from bathrooms and powder rooms to bedrooms and dining rooms. Some people even install wallpaper in the kitchen. 

With so many styles available, running the gamut from traditional to modern, contemporary, and even transitional, there isn’t a home or room that can’t be elevated with the right wallpaper choice. Here are some wallpaper trends we’re seeing in some of the top luxury homes for sale.


Murals are a wallpaper trend that is only growing in popularity. This type of wallpaper makes a great alternative to installing framed art. It’s also a way to tell a story or create an ambiance through design. 

beautiful white wallpaper mural in a new york city luxury apartment

The tree mural at this Greenwich Village residence is a perfect example of bringing a natural element into a home. (Warburg Realty)

There isn’t a better way to decorate that living room wall. The tree mural at this Greenwich Village residence is a perfect example of this. The graphic brings a natural element into the space that’s simple yet makes a statement. It also gets bonus points for having a unique wraparound installation. 

Wallpaper murals have also been a trend for children’s and baby’s rooms because they add a touch of whimsey.

Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Speaking of children’s rooms, many parents are opting for peel and stick wallpapers in these spaces. Peel and stick wallpaper is essentially a giant sticker that’s easy to install (even yourself) and is best for spaces that will be evolving like nurseries and even home offices. This is also a smart choice for renters who want to add a luxurious touch to their homes without violating the terms of their lease.

Animal Print Wallpaper

Want to go bold? Why not consider animal print wallpaper? The monkey print wallpaper in the bathroom of this luxurious Upper West Side co-op is a perfect example of this because it transforms the space. This particular monkey print is bold and fun yet still refined. 

bold animal print wallpaper inside a west side new york co-op

Want to go bold? Consider animal print wallpaper like the red-hued variety inside this Upper West Side co-op. (Warburg Realty)

Many homeowners are choosing animal print wallpaper in bathrooms and powder rooms where they may want to take a design risk or do something that looks a bit different from the rest of the rooms. 

Not into monkeys? You may want to consider zebra, giraffe, elephants, or perhaps even a vibrant leopard print. 

Chinoiserie Designs

On the topic of animal print, Chinoiserie designs with birds are a great way to enhance a more traditional space. The gold chinoiserie wallpaper in the bedroom in Penthouse B at 45 East 30th Street in Manhattan is an example of Chinoiserie style done right.

gold Chinoiserie style wallpaper brightens a quadruplex NYC penthouse

Chinoiserie designs are a great way to enhance a space, as evidenced by the shimmering wallpaper in this New York City quadruplex penthouse. (Warburg Realty)

The gold color provides a chic contrast to the rich blue carpeting. There is something very regal about a chinoiserie print. If you have a traditional space, you really can’t go wrong with it. 

Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is another trend we’ve noticed. This type of design can work almost anywhere and can go a lot of different ways. While the blue stripes of this wallpaper in the powder room at 174 East 74th Street in Manhattan are certainly muted, they provide a perfect contrast to the two types of tiling in the shower. 

striped wallpaper in a new york city luxury apartment at 174 east 74th st

Striped wallpaper provides a perfect contrast to white stone in this Manhattan powder room. (Warburg Realty)

However, you can find striped papers in a variety of hues and looks from modern prints to updated nautical themes. 

Luxury Designer Wallpaper

Fashion meets interior design with wallpaper from top designers such as GucciVersace, and Armani/Casa. These beautifully detailed wallpapers are the perfect design choice for anyone who likes to make an elegant statement or simply wants a decorative extension of their designer wardrobe. 

Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpaper is making a comeback, as seen here in this home at the Sierra Towers high-rise in West Hollywood. The striking color and shiny finish of this particular wallpaper bring an element of drama and a touch of a 90’s retro aesthetic to the bathroom. 

blue damask wallpaper in a sierra towers luxury condominium

Blue-hued damask wallpaper commands attention this West Hollywood condominium. (West Hollywood)

However, this design is by no means the only damask wallpaper option out there. Many more subtle and less colorful damask wallpapers are available that are perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, and even home offices.


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