Seven Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas For 2022

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. After all, not only can a newly renovated bathroom increase value in the future, but it’s something current homeowners can enjoy. What’s more relaxing than a warm bath or shower after a long, stressful day. However, creating the perfect bathroom sanctuary is a different story entirely. The design of a bathroom greatly impacts the feeling of a space.

Whether you’re renovating your current bathroom or building a new home and trying to get ideas, here are seven luxury bathroom ideas to consider. 

luxury bathroom with custom wood cabinetry

When it comes to finishes, don’t be afraid to go against the grain with something that will create visual interest in the bathroom. (Barry Cohen Homes)

Bid Farewell To Neutral

For a long time, the trend in design was to be more muted and neutral. But ever since the pandemic, people are craving fun with design, which makes me happy,” says artist and designer Elizabeth Sutton. “They are a lot more willing to add bright and artistic elements into areas in their homes, through tile, wallpaper, art, and hardware, than they otherwise would’ve kept more simple, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.”

One easy way to level up a bathroom is to use a tile backsplash over the sink or simply tile the entire bathroom. “You can use something creative and artistic, like my Arc or Wing collection, if you want the tiles to be the focal point,” says Sutton.

For those unwilling to go for bold tiles, Sutton recommends opting for more colorful details instead. The artist, who is currently in the process of renovating the bathroom in her New York City townhouse is taking that approach herself. “I’m incorporating bright colors through my art and through beautiful colorful decorative objects, so I’m keeping my tile relatively neutral with my mother of pearl and brass Timeless collection for Tilebar.

Stunning Modern bathroom in Olympic Valley

Stone elements are one way to introduce a Zen-like feel in the bathroom. (Tahoe Mountain Realty)

Opt For A Stone Sink

Stone sinks are a design power move. “The most creative sink designs on the planet include the incorporating of stone as a part of the sink’s design— giving a very zen-like feel. Whether you’re remodeling or just sprucing up the bathroom, you can always create a luxurious oasis to help maximize every square inch of your space,” Vanessa DeLeon, Founder of Vanessa DeLeon Associates, tells me.

modern bathroom in an arizona home

Black steel, glass and white marble set the stage for a spa-like experience. (RETSY)

Choose A Unique Bathtub 

A standard porcelain tub might be practical, but it isn’t very luxurious. So going with a unique-shaped bathtub can add instant wow-factor to the space. “Think about the many styles and shapes of tubs that may enhance your space,” says DeLeon. “Consider a stand-alone tub, and think about what kind of scenery you have around the tub. Do you want a slab of marble with a waterfall running off the wall and into your tub? Or an arched shower entryway accented with marble molding?”

Christine Vroom, Founder of Christine Vroom Interiors is also a fan of statement bathtubs. “A statement tub is a great way to do something unexpected. Maybe it’s concrete, or matte black/blue, or even stone…Bring in some drama!” 

Another interesting trend is copper bathtubs. While these are often found at some of the top spas worldwide, it’s a luxurious and unique choice for a bathroom at home. Many copper tubs have a vintage or traditional aesthetic to them, which can be a great addition in an older home. 

san jose del cabo modern villa open-concept bathroom

Open-concept space isn’t just limited to kitchens and living rooms. It’s a trend that’s catching on in bathrooms. (2Seas Los Cabos)

Open Concept Bathrooms Are The New Open Concept Kitchens

Open concept kitchens have been one of the biggest trends in recent years. The style of this floorplan has been so influential that DeLeon tells me many people are choosing open concept master suites with the bathroom open to the bedroom. However, she cautions that these spaces must be properly constructed. “If you decide on the open concept, consider a ventilation system to make sure that humidity does not settle into your bedroom walls.”

Elegant bathroom with fireplace and bathtub in new luxury home

Need a focal point? Try a wall fireplace for a fresh look. (Breadmaker / Shutterstock)

Install A Fireplace

Fireplaces aren’t just for living rooms anymore. “Adding a fireplace that may even be double-sided to the bedroom or even just a linear one on a wall. A cozy, luxurious feeling can not be denied with a fireplace,” says Vroom. 

A fireplace can also be a great way to warm a cold bathroom in the winter without the dryness of turning on the heat. It also adds an element of relaxation during a long bath.

Spectacular Custom Built Home with custom bathroom

The design of a bathroom greatly impacts the feeling of a space. (Long & Foster Real Estate)

Upgrade The Toilet

Vroom recommends installing a luxury toilet. “Not necessarily a TOTO, but maybe one that’s wall-mounted with a heated seat or self-cleaning abilities.”

Free-standing bidets and bidets built into the toilet are another way to elevate a bathroom. Many Americans think of bidets as something only used in Europe, but the toilet paper shortages during the pandemic created a new awareness of the fixture’s practicality. 

beautiful bathroom sitting room

It’s the little details that can make or break the luxury bathroom experience. (Hilton & Hyland)

Don’t Forget The Finishing Touches

Little details can be just as important as the big details. This is especially true in smaller bathrooms such as those found in condos and powder rooms. Towels are a perfect example of this “People tend to just grab whatever color works, but to continue a luxurious feel you need luxurious textiles. Linen towels or extra plush or options, but it’s really whatever speaks to you,” says Vroom.


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