Here’s How Hiring An Interior Designer Can Add Value To Your Home

Contemporary Interior Design Staged Living Room Kitchen
Designers share tips on how to elevate a home before a sale.

Whether you’re purchasing a property to flip or plan on selling your home at some point in the future— you might be thinking about hiring an interior designer to help you with a few rooms or to iron out the architectural details. But if you’re on the fence, you should know that hiring an interior designer can be a game-changer and isn’t just about achieving the home of your dreams; there are many other benefits to using one. Read on for seven ways an interior designer can elevate your home in a competitive market.

An Interior Designer Can Help Prevent Problems Before They Start

Renovations can be more challenging today than they’re ever been. Between supply chain issues and labor shortages, it’s very easy for a simple project to go awry. This is where an interior designer can be a big help. “There may be curveballs during construction, once walls are opened up, one has to expect that, but every finished item—tiles, flooring, bath and kitchen hardware, should be thoughtfully selected, and on-site when construction starts,” says interior designer Caitlin Scanlon.

Staging Furniture

Due to supply-chain issues, some furniture, hardware and textiles have become harder than ever to find. Designers often have access to commercial vendors for sourcing materials.

An Interior Designer Can Help You Stay On Budget

High or low, every project has a budget. Spending money on an interior designer can pay off big in the long run by helping you choose finishes, furniture, etc that you love but won’t break the bank. For example, avoiding expensive hardware or choosing more accessibly priced textiles. “The design process is key here, designers know that the biggest budget busters happen when decisions are made on the fly, really digging in with clients and giving them options on every furnishing and finish item. So that they are confident in the aesthetic,” says Scanlon.

Interior Designers Can Select The Right Finishes

Choosing the right finishes is essential for homeowners to create spaces that work for their lifestyles and are built to last. Jill Croka of Jill Croka Designs recommends hiring a designer for this reason. “Selecting natural and excellent crafted materials provides a lower life cycle cost. An educated designer should assess the needs and wants of the homeowner and use those to influence the design decisions while educating the client in the process of cost, the importance of craftsmanship, the endurance of materials, and design intentions.”

living room staging

Smaller rooms need to be properly furnished and designed to make the space as functional as possible.

Designers Oversee Other Vendors And Contractors

Homeowners aren’t design experts and they don’t always know the best people to hire for construction, tile work, painting, etc, or the best places to source materials. “We try to take on the most stressful parts of your renovation and make it unnoticeable for you to enjoy the experience as much as possible,” says Elisa Baran of Elisa Baran, LLC. “Hiring an interior designer means you’ll be getting access to our trade discounts, vendors, suppliers, and a creative eye to oversee your project with patience and expertise. Interior designers make sure the lead times of furniture and fixtures are lined up with the construction timelines provided by your contractor.”

Interior Designers Prevent Costly Mistakes 

Jessica Nicastro of Jessica Nicastro Design suggests hiring an interior designer to prevent costly mistakes that homeowners sometimes make when they are doing things on their own. “We are often brought into projects after architectural plans are submitted and there is not a furniture plan. When investing in the construction of your home, you want to make sure you will be able to get the functionality you desire. Can your new dining room accommodate the ten people you host weekly for dinner? Can your family of five fit comfortably on your sofa for your weekly movie night?”

Room Renovation

A designer can often find creative ways to introduce more space into a room such a as a built-in wardrobe or desk.

They’re Experts On Maximizing Square Footage 

Every home has a finite amount of space. Even large homes can have smaller rooms that need to be properly furnished and designed to make the space as functional as possible, explains Ashley Grech of Thirteen Oak Interior Design Studio “You want to consider the fact that a designer can add long-term value by updating the original floor plan or your space, expanding what’s already intact and maximizing square footage,” she says. “A designer can also offer insight into creating proper traffic passes and rooms that flow from one room to the other. Essentially, creating an actual functioning space plan, which can be difficult to do without the proper expertise.”

Designers Know How To Increase Resale Value

Whether you’re flipping a property in the upcoming months or plan to sell the home in seven years, using an interior designer can help you achieve more value and a higher sales price. “An interior designer knows what upgrades will add the most value when reselling your home,” says Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces By JacFlash. “They can help you make your home stand out in a competitive housing market. From increasing curb appeal, updating your flooring, or choosing the best paint colors to sell your house, an interior designer will give you the best tips to elevate your space and know which updates are worth the investment.”


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