At Home Around The World: $280 Million Hong Kong Mansion

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Open concept living space.

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Currently sitting amongst the world’s most expensive real estate listings, this $281 million mega-mansion was developed specifically to cater to buyers with extreme net worths. No expense was spared in the construction of the 2019 Hong Kong property, resulting in a stately mansion that seems destined for landmark status.

Bi-folding doors leading out to terrace

Wrapped in natural stone, the property’s imposing symmetrical structure is softened by decorative detailing and arched windows.  The exceptional price tag can be attributed, in part, to the exceptional size—the interior living space covers just under 15,000 square feet.

Large arching window over front door.

Rising five stories, the property encompasses 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The five floors can be accessed via elevator, or for some by one of the two grand staircases.

Marble flooring and black casement windows.

Bi-folding doors run throughout, leading to the property’s many terraces and a massive back patio capable of accommodating over a hundred guests for large events. Additional outdoor spaces include a garden and a rooftop with views of Repulse Bay.

Located in the Southern District on the southern end of Hong Kong Island, the property is within walking distance of the beach and world-class shopping.

View of Repulse Bay from rooftop.

About the area: The Southern District covers a diverse range of terrain, including mountainous areas, beaches, and some of the most affluent residential neighborhoods in Hong Kong. The district encompasses the southern part of Hong Kong Island and several smaller islands, including Ap Lei Chau and Lamma Island. Notable upscale residential neighborhoods include Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, and Stanley. These areas are known for their luxurious homes and beautiful views of the South China Sea.



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