8 Interesting Bedroom Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought About

Contemporary Bedroom With Black Headboard
Top interior designers share ideas you may not have considered for the bedroom.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. More than just a place to sleep, it is the perfect outlet to design creatively, go bold and perhaps re-think the ordinary. From paint to wallpaper and even lighting, bedrooms are the perfect place to break all the rules. I recently spoke with several top interior designers to learn what their most interesting bedroom ideas are. These concepts are so inspirational, that they may have you rethinking how you can design this space in your own home.

Paint Accents As A Wall Sculpture 

Every bedroom needs paint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean painting four walls the same color. Fanny Abbes of The New Design Project uses paint to create custom wall sculptures. “One particularly unique feature I’ve included in a bedroom design is incorporating paint accents as a wall sculpture. In one design, we created a yellow geometric shape to add a unique element to the space.” There are endless ways to execute this concept.

Gil Walsh Designed Bedroom

Looking for an extra touch? Florida-based designer Gil Walsh found a local artist to hand-paint the bedrooms during one of her recent projects. (Courtesy of Gil Walsh)

Create Hand-Painted Walls

Alternatively, you can commission an artist to create hand-painted walls, which is exactly what Gil Walsh, a West Palm Beach interior designer did. In one of her recent projects, she hired Bob Christian to paint the walls and ceiling of this stunning traditional bedroom. The design was created to complement the floral patterns of the bedding, drapery panels, and upholstered bench.

Install Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper is a less expensive and a far easier alternative to hand-painted walls. “Wallpaper brings texture to a painted bedroom, whether a pattern or a fabric surface; it’s a warmth and comfort that paint alone will never bring. A feature wall is all you need to liven up the space to bring a focus point,” says artist and designer, Katie Bright.

Bright suggests choosing a design that will both evoke emotion and make you feel safe. “Whether it’s inspirational and or dream-like, the design should represent rest and recuperation. A design you can wait to whip back the bedcover and fall asleep looking at,” she says.

White Black Artistic Bedroom Design By Kate Bright

In addition to artistic style, today’s selection of wallpaper can also add texture and volume to a space, according to designer Kate Bright. (Courtesy of Kate Bright)

Start With A Rug

Want to create the bedroom of your dreams and don’t know where to start? If you have a rug you love, you can create an entire room to compliment it. Mark Ashby Design recently updated a 200 year-old Victorian estate located outside Houston where the master bedroom palette was inspired by an Alexander McQueen rug. “We knew we wanted to incorporate the rug into the main bedroom, and luckily it was a perfect size. We built up from there,” says interior designer Anne Grandinetti. “For the bed, we choose a classic fabric pattern from Morris & Co, as to avoid anything trendy. The goal was to create the ultimate cozy and luxurious sleeping space. When I thought about what would be the most ideal bed, I kept coming back to a draped canopy that envelops you. The modern art by Ethan Cook, hanging adjacent, is the perfect balance to the traditional bed.”

Go For A Sofa Instead Of A Chair

While a chair is always a nice compliment to a bedroom, award-winning interior designer, principle of Ryan Saghian Interior Design, and author of Unapologetically Chic, Ryan Saghian, has noticed many of his clients ask for sofas in the master bedrooms to avoid lounging on the bed. “It’s just always more comfortable— and directly in front of the television whereas a seating area would be off to the side. In the master bedroom, I place a sette or pair of lounge chairs at the foot of the bed, but something I love doing now is building an integrated sofa/settee,” he says.

Mark Ashby Bedroom Design

Designer Mark Ashby drew from the palette of an Alexander McQueen rug when designing a recent project in Houston, Texas. (Courtesy of Mark Ashby)

…Or Add A Hammock

Hammocks aren’t just for backyards anymore. Project architect and interior designer Camille Colon hung a hammock in the corner of a bedroom, creating a refreshing and unique space. “A master bedroom is personalized with the installation of a white hammock facing directly West, where colorful skies can be seen during sunset. This was embedded in the original design from the get-go,” she says. “The house is chic but this bohemian touch transports you every time to nap-a-ville. Being this mom’s favorite time of day, it becomes her favorite relaxation and meditation spot.”

Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Shelving And Displays

While installing shelving is a great way to display collections, the shelving itself can also be display-worthy as seen in this bedroom designed by Colon. “This room design is tailored to the ever-changing interests of a teenager that happens to be a young digital entrepreneur and social media expert. That said, grab bars are used as shelves where his current sneaker collection is exhibited,” she says.

From a design standpoint, these grab bars do so much more than standard shelving can. “It is the contrast of the concrete textured walls with the grab bars that give an industrial, yet defining masculine style to this room,” explains the designer.

Bedroom With Hammock By Camille Colon Designer

Hanging furniture is both functional and eye-catching. In this bedroom design, Camille Colon uses a hammock to create an area for relaxing. (Courtesy of Camille Colon)

Level Up With Lighting

Instead of using traditional lamps, chandeliers, or other types of lighting, interior designer Wildfrdo Emanuel has rethought lighting entirely, installing it under the bed. “In order to create a unique and stylish design, one must take traditional items and rethink the design so that it better suits the needs and aesthetic preferences of the person who will be using the space. In the bedroom, lighting is a great way to add to the aesthetic of a design. Strategically placing lighting around a piece of furniture such as a bed frame or behind a console can create visual interest and highlight pieces you want to stand out,” he says.



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