El Viso: Madrid’s Hidden Gem of Luxury Living

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The Madrid neighborhood of a residential area known for its high-profile inhabitants has the highest average per capita income in Spain because this is where the most influential fortunes in Madrid have their residence; and it is no coincidence that this neighborhood is surrounded by five other Madrid neighborhoods that follow it on the list of the richest neighborhoods in Spain.

Given the choice of where to live, who would settle for less?

We have to go back to its origins to find out why this neighborhood – located in the geographical center of Madrid and crossed by a prominent street – is so exclusive and why so few people know about it.

El Viso was built in the second quarter of the 20th century on the outskirts of Madrid, in a privileged, higher ground next to a famous street. Almost a hundred years ago, this area was far from the capital’s main attractions. Today it is an oasis of greenery and single-family homes in the heart of Madrid, contrasting with the business buildings of the area and just a stone’s throw from the best hotels, restaurants, and luxury shops in Madrid’s neighboring districts such as La Castellana, Barrio de Salamanca and Recoletos. Less than ten minutes away, residents have access to museums, international schools, some of the best private hospitals, embassies, and home to Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, transformed into the most multi-purpose stadium in Europe.

In this neighborhood, tall evergreen trees live side by side with majestic specimens of trees that color the neighborhood with their own colors in autumn, while in summer they cool the air with their shade.

This impressive vegetation is a natural advantage that the best landscapers have been able to take advantage of intelligently to contribute to the environmental heritage of the neighborhood.

The advantages of El Viso, due to its location and terrain, were discovered, little by little and successively, by people with sufficient economic capacity, not only to build modern houses but, especially, to take advantage of the gift of Nature in this quiet and safe area.

Naturally, a beautiful garden contributes to the value of the surrounding house. But it also improves the well-being of its inhabitants.
The owner was aware of this when he hired Fernando Caruncho and Andrés Rebuelta one of the most renowned landscape architects and an architect respectively, who, between the two of them and their teams, have brought out the value of a plot of land and built a single-family home, completely new from its foundations to the solar panels on its roof, and all surrounded by the harmonious environment of this urban garden.

Well-being is the feeling you get when you are in the family home: within minutes of being in any room of this magnificent property – inside the house or in the garden – visitors have the sensation of feeling good. There is something magical about this light-filled residence and this well-organized garden. A feminine touch can be seen in its style and decoration: elegance, beauty, and functionality in balance.

The house is distributed over four floors, which are filled with sunlight through large windows and balconies that open to the east and west. The north side is usually the least attractive side of any house in the same hemisphere. However, the architect has displayed his technical skill by designing an elegant and stylized staircase that runs along the four floors in the central part of the north wall. Part of the wall is made up of huge windows that allow the stylized structure of the staircase to be admired from the outside: a work of art that adds to the beauty of this welcoming residence.
The ground floor is reserved for guests to have independence and direct access to the swimming pool and its sunny terraces.

The main floor is dedicated to spacious lounges, a large dining room, and the kitchen.
The service staff have access via a secondary staircase from their private quarters to the main floor.

The second floor is reserved entirely for the owners. It is easy to imagine that, with all the space on this floor, there is room for everything and everything is in its place.
The top floor, with bedrooms and their en-suite bathrooms, is the exclusive area for the children, who also have a common living room.

This house in El Viso is both simple and extraordinary. The mastery of the designers took advantage of all that the plot had to offer and they have achieved a beautiful residence, very comfortable, intelligently ordered for living, with exquisite taste and balanced in its spaces. Without a doubt the result of so much work does honor to this exclusive neighborhood where it is located.

El Viso is also home to illustrious residents such as the architect Rafael Moneo; Florentino Pérez, the president of the Real Madrid and other important families.
The secret of El Viso is that it has remained one of the city’s most exclusive and lesser-known neighborhoods due to the absolute discretion with which its wealthy residents wish to live and the scarcity of supply, as those families who live here maintain their homes for several generations. It is really difficult to find a hidden gem like this.

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