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Scottsdale, Arizona

Sela Poulos was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Granddaughter of renowned art dealer, Riva Yares, Sela grew up exposed to contemporary art, beautiful architecture, and learned the value of engaging with others respectfully and gracefully. Because of this type of exposure early on in her life, she developed a love and reverence for providing high quality work and forging genuine, long-lasting relationships.

Sela is a triplet and she and her two brothers have a band called, Just Seconds Apart. She is the lyricist and drummer. The band has toured and collaborated with well recognized acts.

Sela is passionate about giving back, a quality she inherited from her mother. She has been involved with SAARC, JDRF, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Sela enjoys all sports, dogs, reading, and cooking recipes she learned from her grandmother. Her determination, resilience, and empathy, ensures a wonderful home buying and selling experience. Sela feels fortunate to be a part of ROCO Luxury Homes and RETSY Forbes Global Properties alongside her mother, Shelli.


Sela Poulos