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Roger Carlier has a commitment to excellence like none other. With a background in foreign affairs, Roger’s prior work experience enables him to deal with a clientele whose primary demands require someone who is knowledgeable, service oriented and always mindful of his duty to maintain the utmost discretion in all transactions and advisory sessions.

Originally from Colombia, Roger has been a local resident for close to thirty seven years. He is fluent in and transacts daily business in English, Spanish, and transactional Portuguese. His affinity for dealing with international clients and his capability to offer full concierge service has positioned him in the Miami Beach market as a Top real estate professional, and certainly well known among his peers in the entire tri county area and most recently in various circles of the global real estate circles.

One cannot be successful on their own; Roger has created a team that works alongside him ready to market, or facilitate the acquisition and sale of residential and commercial real estate including but not limited to hospitality operations, multifamily acquisitions, and residential sales and purchases by first time home buyers as well as luxury residences. Certainly, Roger Carlier recognizes the need to assist his clientele with their residential which are all provided by a residential team which he oversees.

The respect and recognition by his peers and the choice as a real estate professional by a conglomerate of multinational companies and their leaders did not come easy. By 1990 Roger Carlier attained an AA and AS/Legal Assisting from the then, Miami Dade Community College, and in 1992 he graduated from FIU with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. His passion for real estate began with small residential investments by using his home equity and using his impeccable credit to borrow from then, small local banks. By the early 2000’s he partnered up and through Superior Development LLC, under his management, he successfully stayed in this sector from 2004 through 2013. His most recent business venture expanded his knowledge when he incursion into the hospitality arena by entering into the management agreement for the operation of The Century Hotel, located right on Ocean Drive in the world renown So Fi District as well as through as the sole stockholder of VPC Ventures Corp., a hospitality holding company. “Real Estate has been and will continue to be my profession, as I recognize that my client’s needs come first”. He affirms that practicing real estate for his entrusting clients has been possible by counting with a reliable team of professionals as well as the innovative tools and technology available through The Keyes Co. When asked about what differentiates him from his colleagues he quickly responds, “I have been empowered with the knowledge learned through my own experiences, as well as by serving the various needs of his clients in the lows and highs of our industry” He particularly feels proud of having served various roles during the 2008 crisis when he was part of a team which assisted in the management and sale of assets (REOs) for two of the largest nationwide asset management companies, as well as his role as a short sales specialist with an almost 100% success rate for his clients. That is not all, he further recounts his unique role as a consultant for the global financial leaders who needed to report back to their investors in their own countries.

When asked about the future of the real estate industry for the post-vaccine era, he confidently says, “I am ready and eager to serve my clients and my country” his optimistic outlook of what is to come does not shy away from the obstacles which must be overcome through the joint efforts of the private and public sectors. “Lessons were learned, and we are ready to be part of the solution to accelerate the recovery of our economy while recognizing that our priority is to help our communities recover as quickly as possible by guiding them, and educating them as to the many resources available through public agencies as well as many other non profit organizations. To end, he states, “My team, and Keyes, my home broker have continue to conduct business during the pandemic, but most importantly we prepared to serve all of our clients, after all we share the same goal, a full recovery of our economy towards a bright future in the next few

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