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Meri, alongside her husband Ivica, embarked on the journey of founding Broker company back in 1994, marking the inception of what would become one of the most seasoned brokerage firms in the Republic of Croatia. With a wealth of experience accumulated over the years, Meri stands as a beacon of expertise in guiding clients through the intricate processes of buying and selling real estate. Whether catering to first-time buyers, property owners, or seasoned investors, Meri’s adeptness in navigating the real estate landscape is unparalleled.

With a tenure spanning over three decades in steering the family-owned enterprise, Meri’s commitment to excellence has been underscored by her proactive engagement in various international real estate fairs and continuous participation in seminars aimed at refining her professional skills. Through these endeavors, Meri has garnered an acute understanding of the evolving needs and preferences of her clientele, adeptly translating this knowledge into tangible outcomes that satisfy the aspirations of both buyers and sellers alike.

Approaching each client interaction with unwavering dedication, Meri epitomizes the quintessential businesswoman, leaving an indelible mark on every transaction with her boldness and seasoned expertise.


Meri Vulic

LIC.# 958/2008


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