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Meet Madison Frost, your friendly, local South Florida expert with a heart as warm as our famous sunshine. For over two decades, Madison has immersed herself in the unique blend of vibrant coastal culture and serene rural charm that makes our region so special.


Growing up in South Florida, Madison truly embraced the best of both worlds. She’s just as comfortable snorkeling in the turquoise waters, paddle boarding along the peaceful shorelines, or boating under the radiant sun as she is in her boots, tending to horses and participating in the lively equestrian community. This deep love and understanding of the diverse South Florida lifestyle shine through in every interaction with her.


Madison upbringing in a family deeply immersed in real estate laid the foundation for her journey in the industry. Witnessing her parents’ unwavering dedication to developing hotels, Madison developed an appreciation for the intricacies of the business. Although her initial passion laid in general management within the hospitality sector, her undergraduate studies in Hospitality Management, complemented by a minor in Event Management, further fueled her aspirations.


During her time in college, Madison had the opportunity to interact with international students and cater to esteemed clients enjoying their stays at her parents’ hotels. These experiences served as a catalyst, igniting her true passion for real estate. The realization of the profound impact that properties have on people’s lives reshaped her career focus.


Eager to expand her knowledge and skill set, Madison pursued a master’s degree in business at Lynn University. Graduating summa cum laude, she specialized in Financial Valuation and Investment. This academic achievement equipped her with valuable insights and the ability to provide clients with informed financial advice.


Prior to embarking on her dream career as a real estate advisor, Madison honed her skills as a member of the Four Seasons Resort family. During her time there, she contributed her expertise and gained valuable experience in the Accounting Department, further enriching her understanding of the industry.


Today, armed with a wealth of academic achievements and practical experience, Madison combines her passion for real estate with her meticulous attention to detail to guide clients through the complex world of property investment. Her extensive background in both hospitality and finance enables her to deliver comprehensive, client-centered solutions, ensuring her clients’ real estate goals are met with utmost professionalism and expertise.


Madison genuinely cares about her clients, their dreams, and their happiness. She listens, she understands, and she goes the extra mile to ensure they find a home that feels just right. As Madison puts it, “I view myself as the comprehensive bridge between my clients and their new state-of-the-art assets, their home.”

When partnered with Madison Frost, clients gain more than just a real estate agent; they gain an ally in their journey towards finding their dream homes. Rest assured that with Madison, your real estate aspirations are in the most capable of hands. Experience the professionalism and proficiency that Madison brings to your real estate journey.

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