Ivica Vulic in Croatia

General Manager / Licensed real estate agent
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Ivica is the alpha and omega of the company, a successful businessman who has been shaping and implementing all of the company’s policies since its establishment in 1994. He is a likable, rational, and irreplaceable individual who, with his constructive approach to solving numerous business problems, provides enormous support to his employees and offers them a perfect opportunity for work and continuous advancement.

After over 30 years of leading the family company, attending various international real estate fairs, and participating in numerous business improvement seminars, Ivica knows that his company needs to be familiar with the desires and needs of its clients and have the ability to turn that knowledge into excellent results for the mutual satisfaction of buyers and sellers. He approaches each individual client with dedication and is an example of a businessman, and an even greater expert in real estate, for whom no situation is unfamiliar due to his decades of experience. He handles everything as quickly as possible because his motto is: “Whatever you can do today, never leave it for tomorrow.”


Ivica Vulic

LIC.# 957/2008


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