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Hi everyone! My name is Gabriela Briceno. I’m originally from Venezuela. My childhood and teenage memories growing up were full of happiness, surrounded by my loving family and friends, and despite the adversities, I was able to spend time doing what I loved the most. I practiced classical ballet, studied music theory, and played the transverse flute; years later, I decided to join the National aerobic gymnastics team representing my country in several championships. Being in extra activities with a full schedule from a young age taught me in my adult life the value of teamwork, responsibility, dedication, perseverance, and the feeling of achieving my goals. I like to propose new challenges and see what I can be capable of with the motivation to grow as a person and professional. During college, I followed my passion for design, obtaining my degree in Designer of Civil Works, a combination of architecture and civil engineering. At the age of 24, I made the big decision to move to the United States with a bag full of hope but also uncertainty. Eight years have passed since then, and now I can proudly say that I’m officially bilingual, ready to embark on this journey where I can assist people in finding the perfect place they call home.

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Gabriela Briceno