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Donna began her real estate journey in 1975 as a dedicated real estate agent, embarking on a path that would eventually lead her to master the realms of building, designing, and appraisals. Over the years, she honed her expertise, diving into the intricate world of real estate, eager to comprehend every facet of the industry. Donna’s passion for the art of homes was unmatched, and she channelled her drive into not only selling properties but also understanding the essence of a well-designed home.

Her aspirations went beyond selling homes, as she transitioned into the dynamic world of construction and design. Donna decided to immerse herself in the construction process, determined to build homes that encapsulated her vision of the perfect living space. She undertook the monumental task of crafting a house in the United States from the ground up, learning invaluable insights into the functions, intricacies, and aesthetics of a home.

With this newfound knowledge, Donna set her sights on enriching the architectural landscape of San Miguel, leveraging her expertise to construct a home from scratch within the community. Armed with a deep understanding of design principles and the practical functionality of a home, she knew how to bring her vision to life and create spaces that resonated with her clients. Donna’s ability to translate her design acumen into relatable perspectives for her clients set her apart, allowing her to guide them in making informed and inspired decisions about their homes. Her illustrious career has become a testament to her dedication and passion for the world of real estate and design.

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