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Born in Tampa, Florida, Christie Altamirano comes from a rich heritage, with roots tracing back to Colombia and Honduras. Being raised in a multicultural household, she developed a deep appreciation for diversity and a strong connection to her Hispanic heritage and a fluency in English and Spanish. Her father’s love of the sea and adventure took her on adventures around the globe enriching her with a profound appreciation of nature and exploration. At a young age, Christie embarked on a fulfilling journey of family life and professional accomplishments. Since 2005, she has been happily married and is a devoted mother to three wonderful children—two daughters and a son—who bring joy and inspiration to her daily life. Professionally, Christie is a multi-talented individual. She obtained her Realtor’s license in 2013 and has been dedicated to helping clients find their dream homes ever since. Additionally, her passion for helping others led her to become a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in 2018, contributing to the well-being of others through her compassionate care and expertise. In 2022, Christie achieved a significant milestone by earning her bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration, a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and personal development. Outside of her professional endeavors, Christie finds great fulfillment in her faith as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, actively volunteering her time to serve God alongside her family and community. She finds joy in music, dancing, and exploring new destinations, always eager to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Animals hold a special place in Christie’s heart, particularly her beloved cat and dog, reflecting her compassionate nature and love for all living creatures. Living in Florida, Christie adores the cultural diversity that surrounds her, from the people and their customs to the rich variety of cuisines. She takes pride in introducing newcomers to the beauty and charm of her state, assisting them in making Florida their cherished home. With a strong dedication to her clients, Christie prioritizes ensuring a smooth and successful real estate experience for each individual she assists, guiding them with expertise and care through every step of the process.

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