Winery Investments: What US $5 Million Can Buy In Chile, France And Portugal

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From boutique operations to modern estates, here's a look at winery and vineyard options in Chile, France and Portugal.

A winery investment does not require tens of millions, as opposed to a common misconception among many investors.

While certain wineries in Argentina and Spain may cost up to US $20 million, buyers can find more affordable properties in other countries.

In Chile, a 173-acre winery costs US $5 million. A buyer can own a winery with a converted monastery in France for just US $4 million.

Investors can also acquire a winery with a house in Portugal. For example, an 18th-century manor with vineyards costs almost US $2.8 million.

Here are the best wineries in Chile, France and Portugal as listed by two elite luxury property brokers: Groupe Mercure and Inmobiliaria Rimontgó.

winery in san antonio chile

The winery lies in the heart of Chile’s San Antonio Valley. (Inmobiliaria Rimontgo)

A 173-Acre Winery In Chile’s San Antonio Valley

Listing Price: EUR 4.5 million (US $5 million)

Wineries in San Antonio Valley in Chile flourish partly because of favorable weather. The temperature in the valley may range from 41°F to 72°F.

The small wine region is near the Pacific coast to the west of Santiago, the country’s capital. A one-way trip from Santiago to San Antonio Valley may take less than 2 hours.

The 173-acre winery accounts for more than 20% of all vineyards in Leyda Valley and San Antonio Valley. According to Rimontgó, the surface area of vineyards in the region spans 716 acres.

The planted vineyard for sale is also suitable for organic farming. Many of the vineyards are planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties.

The Syrah grape variety can be found in vineyards that are farther away from the sea. Other varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère and Merlot.

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Astound view of Winery

Located in the south of France, this winery estate was used in the 19th century as a Catalan monastery. (Groupe Mercure)

A French Winery With A 19th-Century History

Listing Price: EUR 3.6 million (US $4 million)

Groupe Mercure listed this wine estate as an outstanding property with 360-degree panoramic views of the mountains and sea.

An unnamed buyer acquired the estate in Perpignan, France, which is less than an hour away from the Spanish border.

The wine estate used to be a 19th-Century Catalan monastery before being transformed into multifunctional spaces.

More than 21,520 square feet of the converted area includes 7,534 square feet of living spaces. Approximately 37 acres of vineyards are within the 111 acres of land.

From a tourism perspective, the estate has great potential because it is within a five-minute trip to the city and sea.

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colorful buildings of porto

Golden Visa applicants can still invest in commercial properties in areas such as Porto.

A Vineyard With An 18th-Century Manor In Portugal

Listing Price: EUR 2.5 million (US $2.8 million)

A vineyard with a manor in Portugal is quite rare and when it becomes for sale, the listing may not stay on the market for too long.

An example is this 11-acre property near Porto. The buyer may have streamlined the purchase just in time before the country revamped its Golden Visa regulations.

In January 2022, The Portuguese government implemented the new requirements. Golden Visa applicants should consider residential properties outside Faro, Lisbon and Porto.

Applicants can still invest in commercial properties in the aforementioned areas. A vineyard with a manor, however, may be a tricky one to define based on the new rules.

If an investment is clearly defined as a winery, investors should know that some products in Portugal contain low alcohol and vibrant acidity.

Such products may come from vineyards near Porto, but they still have “a certain degree of salinity,” according to Rimontgó.

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vila flor winery valley

The property in Vila Flor has almost 25 acres of vineyards and approximately 62 acres of olive groves. (Inmobiliaria Rimontgo)

A 3-In-1 Investment In Vila Flor, Portugal

Listing Price: EUR 2.35 million (US $2.61 million+)

A lucky buyer may sometimes encounter a winery with two or more functions. The property in Vila Flor is a modern Quinta (rural estate) with almost 25 acres of vineyards and approximately 62 acres of olive groves. An on-site oil mill also helps with oil and wine production.

As of 2017, Rimontgó listed 228 wineries in Vila Flor and elsewhere in the Douro region.

The most common grape varieties for red wine include Bastardo (Trousseau), Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional. White wine varieties include Gouveio, Malvasia Fina, Rabigato and Viosinho.

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