Why Details Matter For Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

modern kitchen with white cabinetry and yellow accents
Small details can create a big difference for luxury home renovations, including the right choice of faucets and fireplaces.

Small details can make a big difference when it comes to luxury home renovations, and that includes the right choice of faucets and fireplaces.

Among consumers’ most-wanted elements for kitchen renovations include touchless faucets, according to a recent industry report.

The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence found that touchless faucets have been a desired feature for kitchens since 2018.

Barry Cohen Homes, the leading luxury property broker in Toronto, advises homeowners not to skimp on cost. Aim to spend more than US $50 and US $100 for each bathroom and kitchen faucet, respectively.

As spa-like bathrooms often become the highlight of luxury homes, substandard fixtures may stand out for the wrong reason.

contemporary kitchen sink

The faucet can sometimes serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen, particularly in homes with open-concept floor plans.

Stylish Faucets Can Be The Centerpiece

Touchless faucets became more popular in the wake of Covid-19, as their use meant a lower rate of spreading bacteria and viruses.

Barry Cohen Homes listed seven things to remember when choosing faucets for bathrooms and kitchens: finishing, handles, mount, spout, style, valve material and weight.

When choosing the best finishings for faucets, be sure that you match them to the bathroom or kitchen’s overall finish. For example, a new kitchen faucet should match cabinet handles or towel bars in the bathroom.

Unless you prefer touchless faucets, a single-handle one is more functional than a two-handle faucet. The latter, however, adds more sophistication to the bathroom even if it could be harder to adjust the water temperature.

The right faucet mount depends on the bathroom or kitchen’s layout. You can choose to mount a faucet on the countertop, sink or wall based on the room’s design.

The right spout for a faucet requires the correct height and width measurements of cabinets and countertops.

If you have a contemporary bathroom or kitchen design, the faucet can be the first thing that grabs attention.

One such example is a contemporary kitchen design for a luxury home in Ontario. A gold faucet and hood created a stylish contrast against starch-white ceilings, walls and wooden floors.

Ceramic valves are among the best variants because it prevents leaks, which can corrode the faucet. You can also prevent corrosion by choosing a solid brass faucet.

Solid brass faucets weigh heavier than others with brass finishing, which are lighter when you carry one in your hand.

modern living room with wall fireplace

When it comes to fireplace design, opt for contemporary over traditional for a more polished look.

Choose Contemporary Or Traditional Fireplace Design

As luxury homes have spacious bathrooms and kitchens, a fireplace can add warmth and fill a supposed void in the room.

Contemporary and traditional fireplaces are among the most common designs for bathrooms and kitchens.

A contemporary fireplace often uses gas as its energy source. It’s easier to maintain and integrate into the bathroom or kitchen’s overall design.

Barry Cohen suggests contemporary fireplaces if you don’t want to disrupt the room’s structural elements. For example, adding a chimney to a kitchen fireplace becomes easier when you use a contemporary design.

Most traditional fireplaces depict a style from a certain era like vintage French or Spanish-style homes, according to Barry Cohen.

A common traditional fireplace design in luxury estates in California uses French farmhouse stone or Spanish stucco.

Modern-day designs combine a traditional gas-burning pit with a large window to create the so-called portrait fireplace. The certain style takes advantage of a traditional fireplace’s classic look and the technology of gas fireplaces.

modern bathroom with walls of glass

For a greater level of detail, consider heated-flooring technology that distributes warmth from the bathroom’s floor surface into the shower area.

Aim For Functional Innovation

While lack of space isn’t a problem for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens, the rooms should remain as functional as possible.

Small details such as space-saving fixtures in the shower (e.g. wall shelves) have become more popular. For a greater level of detail, consider heated-flooring technology that distributes warmth from the bathroom’s floor surface into the shower area.

Use LED lights that emit a calming spark in the bathroom. In the kitchen, task-lighting fixtures can be a key feature. You can put task-specific lights for chopping food, reading a cookbook or ingredient measurements.

If you’re still unsure about a luxury home upgrade before listing the property, consult an experienced broker for advice.

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