Things To Think About When Staging Your Luxury Home

Properly staging a luxury home is an essential part of putting it on the market. While this can be a major effort and potentially costly, it’s essential to attract the most buyers and get the highest sales price. But staging isn’t always easy, especially if you are currently living in a home you’re trying to sell. I spoke with three expert stagers to learn what their best tips are. 


The most important thing to do when staging your home above all else is to declutter, says Stone House Collective founder Anna Franklin. The interior designer/home stager recommends clearing all counter space throughout the house. “For instance, in the bathroom, this would include makeup, toothbrushes, perfume, frames, etc.”

The kitchen inside this three-bedroom Vail contemporary is a great example of this.

chef's kitchen inside a vail penthouse in lionshead village

One of the keys to staging: clearing your counterspace. (Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate)

Part of this is also decluttering spaces that aren’t out in the open. “Buyers may look inside closets, etc. You want to present a fresh, clean slate for the potential buyer,” says Franklin.

So, instead of stuffing your closet to the brim, go through and get rid of clothing you aren’t wearing. Then give it away or donate it. The same goes for shoes and accessories. This also means you’ll have less things to deal with when it comes time to move out of the house.


It’s also important to make sure your home is professionally cleaned before showing it, but that’s not the only thing to consider. “Everyone’s idea of clean is different, so most often, I would say that we see homeowners who overlook deep cleaning, removing personal items and not wanting to paint over the colors because they just love them,” says Franklin. “Also, the cleaner the home appears. the less work a buyer sees, which ultimately means less money for them and a lot more for you.”

De-Personalize Every Room

When someone is looking at a home for sale, they need to be able to imagine their family living in the space. So, put away those family photos. “It lets the buyers focus on the actual space, its functionality and not on the lifestyle/story of other people living there,” interior stylist Marina Bargouti says.

bedroom in a modern vail residence listed for sale at 117 sunny ridge place

Primary bedrooms should be staged like five-star hotels. (Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate)

Get Rid Of Odors

Both Franklin and Bargouti agree that a stinky home is a sure way to turn off buyers. So, don’t forget to take out the garbage before showing. 

One source of odors that is often overlooked is the garbage disposal in the kitchen. You can try using baking soda and citrus peels to neutralize those odors. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t overly scent your home. Get rid of powerful plug-in air fresheners and opt for reed diffusers that have a more subtle scent.

Properly Accessorize The Primary Bedroom

Bargouti approaches staging the primary bedroom like a five-star hotel. “Focus on creating a very comfortable, soothing, sophisticated, and luxurious bed. Invest in the best quality high thread sheets, layer a duvet, luxe throw, a bed runner, and extra decorative pillows.” 

The bedroom at this freshly transformed home in Mountain Village, Colorado, is a perfect example of a bedroom that looks like a hotel room.

Then install a full-length wall/ floor mirror or hang the wall mirrors above the bedside tables. “Not only it will make the space look larger, but also will reflect all the natural light and double the room.”

Don’t Ignore Any Spaces

“While many people stage and decorate master bedrooms, they should always remember it just as important to stage guest bedrooms and kids room too,” says Bargouti. “So, the potential buyers can see the full functionality of the rooms, feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere and appreciate the multi-use of the space, which will immediately add value to the house they want to invest in.”

brentwood luxury home for sale with outdoor patio

Outdoor furniture that complimtents the entire home, not just what’s outside, helps continue a home’s story. (Hilton & Hyland)

Bring In The Light

More is more when it comes to light and air. “Nothing is better than a room that gives you the feeling of a breath of fresh air! Bright, airy spaces give just that feeling, so be sure to open up the curtains and take away the blackout blinds to breathe a little life into your home,” notes Bargouti. 

The Outside Is Just As Important As The Inside

Stacy Schneider, senior interior and exterior designer of Creative Environments, believes every home tells a story. “It’s the first impression potential home-buyers get and it needs to draw them in and leave them wanting more,” she says. “Placing rocking Adirondack chairs with throw pillows, an entry patio, and lanterns or large pots with greenery on either side of the front door are great ways to start the story of the modern farmhouse. It’s a taste of what to expect when they open the door.”

Additionally, Scheider says the outdoor furniture and accessories should complement the interior stylings of a home. “The exterior furniture used when staging should complement the architecture of the home as well as connect with the furnishings, materials, colors, and patterns used on the interior. This connection helps to continue the story through to the exterior.”

It’s easy to see this through the neutral palette of indoor and outdoor furniture at this East Coast-inspired home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It has a cohesive look that truly appeals to buyers.

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