The Top Trends In Luxury Real Estate And Home Design For 2022

palm tree la palma hollywood wallpaper
Thanks to a more functional supply chain, 2022 saw the evolution of several recent trends in the luxury real estate and home design space.

From bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens, 2022 was a year of evolution and sophistication in luxury real estate and home design trends. Part of this was because the supply chain, while not entirely restored to pre-COVID-19 levels, has vastly improved since 2021.

Designers and consumers were finally able to receive orders and finish their home improvement projects, whether they were major renovations or simple refreshes. Here are seven of the top trends we saw in luxury homes in 2022.

1607 Mohle Dr, Austin, TX Entry

When it comes to modern design, some new trends are throwbacks. For example, the fluted walls in the entry of this modern showplace in Austin, Texas. (Moreland Properties)

Fluted Walls

While we saw lots of fluted furniture in 2021, 2022 was the year of the fluted accent wall. This bold, art deco textured look adds instant pizzazz to any space but living rooms, in particular, as seen at this modern masterpiece residence in Austin, Texas. It has a retro yet modern aesthetic that’s particularly highlighted by the black metal fireplace.

1607 Mohle Dr, Austin, TX Exterior Pool Baja Deck

The fluted details are echoed outside using thing wood panels. (Moreland Properties)

Previously featured in Dwell magazine, the inner fluted wall also complements the fluted exterior walls of the home that was designed by renowned Austin architect Kevin Alter of Alterstudio.

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161 West 15th Street Living Room Wallpaper Accent

Wallpaper is one way to create visual contrast in a space. The fun, modern star design at this Manhattan residence uses wallpaper to create a stylish sense separation between the home office and the living room. (Elegran)


Wallpaper is here to stay. From standard rolls to peel-and-stick papers, no matter what style a home is, there’s a wallpaper that can complement any room easily. One example of this is the entryway at this penthouse in a landmark building in Brooklyn Heights. This typical New York entryway is complemented by the fun yet sophisticated leaf print, giving it a healthy dose of character.

 150 Joralemon Street, PH-12C, Entry

A leafy print lends a layer of sophistication to this Brooklyn Heights penthouse. (Elegran)

In Manhattan, we see wallpaper used in an entirely different way in at this upbeat home within the Jensen Lewis Building in Manhattan. The fun, modern star design helps to stylishly create a sense of space for the home office in the living room. Furthermore, when square footage is at a premium, especially in places like New York, wallpaper can make the perfect accent without taking up additional floor space.

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212 5th Avenue, APT 16B Living Room

Wide-plank, herringbone-patterned floors set the stage for this designer-done residence in Manhattan. (Elegran)

Herringbone Floors

While wide plank flooring still reigns as the most popular type of flooring, there is nothing that looks quite as elevated as herringbone. This traditional style has made a comeback and what’s old is new again. From wood to tile, it upgrades any room instantly.

212 5th Avenue, APT 16B Kitchen

The clean lines created by the floor pattern are perfectly in sync with wide windows framing landmark views of New York City. (Elegran)

We see this gorgeous residence at 212 Fifth Avenue. The living room and open kitchen’s gorgeous contemporary styles are taken to a new level through the herringbone floors, which complement the clean lines and stunning views this fabulous apartment has to offer.

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Modern Farmhouse Tualatin Oregon

Floating vanities raise the profile of the primary bathroom inside this modern farmhouse in Oregon’s Stafford Hamlet area. (LUXE)

Floating Vanities 

We started to see floating vanities more often in 2021 and that trend continued strongly this year. They’re a great modern touch that works particularly well in larger bathrooms, such as the master bathroom in this modern farmhouse property in Tualatin, Oregon.

Modern Luxury Bathroom Tualatin Oregon Farmhouse

Raised vanities create the feeling of volume, particularly in an open space. (LUXE)

With twin vanities on each side flanking the modern freestanding tub, it’s a perfect way to create a sophisticated space with lots of storage for products.

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 133 West 22nd Street, PHA Bedroom Hanging Chari

Looking for fun and functionality? Hanging chairs like the one seen in this open-concept New York penthouse are one of the biggest design trends of 2022. (Elegran)

Hanging Chairs

If you’re looking to make a big impact, there’s no singular piece of furniture that does it more than a hanging chair. They also add a major dose of cool factor and are fun to sit in. The boho-style hanging chair inside this 133 West 22nd Street penthouse in Manhattan is a great example of this. While a standard chair might interfere with the million-dollar view, the hanging chair provides a great way to sit and enjoy the New York City skyline.

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Modern Sconces In Denver Penthouse

Sconce lighting like the fixtures installed in this Mile High City penthouse are a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.


Sconces have been a major trend of late, and it’s one that isn’t going away any time soon. There are so many ways to use sconces, whether they’re in a bathroom, living room or bedroom, as we see at this striking penthouse in Denver, Colorado. Built into the modern wood headboard, they add a convenient touch while freeing up space on the nightstand for books, a phone, and other accouterments.

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259 Bowery, APT 3/4 Kitchen Island Black Marble Backsplash

Dark marble began to gain in popularity in 2022, particularly in kitchens. In this stylish New York apartment, the white island pops against a black marble backsplash and matching cabinetry. (Elegran).

Dark Marble

The all-white kitchen has reached its peak. Dark marble began to become more popular in 2022. It’s easy to understand why. Homeowners are looking to mix things up and create dramatic aesthetics. It’s worth noting that the dark marble of today is far more striking than the style of stone that was so prevalent in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

259 Bowery, APT 3/4 Bathroom White Marble Seamless Concrete Floors

In the bathroom, seamless black concrete floors pair with decadent white marble. (Elegran)

We see this tailored residence at 259 Bowery in Manhattan. The mix of dark and white marble is a bold yet beautiful choice for this sleek city kitchen. The white veins in the black stone give it a unique touch. It also compliments the black cabinetry. This apartment is truly downtown at its finest.



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