The Top 3 En Suite Bathroom Designs For Luxury Homes

contemporary bathroom pink hue
Contemporary design for en suite bathrooms changes from year to year.

More luxury homes will feature smart technology for en suite bathroom designs in the coming years.

Smart features such as low-flow toilets will be more popular, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

As smart technology becomes more common in en suite bathrooms, the NKBA also listed the best designs that go well with smart features.

Here are the top three en suite bathroom designs to consider for your next renovation project.

clean contemporary design bathroom

Try a polished layout with clean line patterns for a sharp look in the bathroom.

Contemporary Bathrooms For A Clean Look

A contemporary design for en suite bathrooms uses polished layouts with clean line patterns (e.g. symmetric tiles).

Keep in mind that contemporary and modern designs aren’t one and the same. Contrary to its name, modern interior designs first became known in the 1920s.

Contemporary designs emerged several years later. According to the National Association of Realtors, contemporary architecture began in the 1950s.

If you prefer a minimalist and sleek en suite bathroom, a contemporary design remains the best choice.

A contemporary design suits smaller bathrooms because of fewer design elements, but it also works well with bigger bathrooms.

minimalist soaking tub

En suite bathrooms with a contemporary, spa-like design may attract more property buyers.

En suite bathrooms with a contemporary, spa-like design may attract more property buyers as well.

Christie Realty Group, a leading brokerage in California, shares that sellers may get more bids if their properties have spa-like bathrooms.

In terms of materials, contemporary designs differ from modern styles because the latter uses traditional elements.

A modern-design bathroom almost exclusively uses porcelain, stone or wood. On the other hand, most contemporary designs depend on the current trends.

For example, luxury vinyl wood planks ranked among the most popular choices for bathroom floors in the coming years, according to the NKBA.

copper soaking tub

Copper, stone and wood elements are often used to create a zen-like experience in the bathroom.

Organic, Natural Bathrooms For A Zen Vibe

As the name suggests, en suite bathrooms with organic and natural designs use elemental styles for a Zen vibe.

One such example is a Hale Mehana bathroom in a Hawaiian luxury estate that uses different organic and natural elements:

  • Antique wood-burning pit
  • Cedarwood logs
  • Clawfoot tub
  • River rock for wall shower
rustic luxury bathroom

Picture windows that bring in the view are a great way to enhance a bathroom space.

More importantly, your en suite bathroom doesn’t need drastic changes to achieve an organic, natural atmosphere.

Sometimes, a large window overlooking your garden is all it takes to create a Zen environment in the bathroom.

Accent pieces such as a stack of pebbles and potted plants also contribute to an organic, natural ambiance. If you want to combine multiple styles, there’s a particular design for that.

transitional bathroom with textured elements

A transitional bathroom incorporates different elements of contemporary and modern designs.

Transitional Designs Combine Many Styles

Transitional bathrooms work best for people who can’t decide on which design to use in their en suite bathrooms.

In other words, this particular style may harmonize the different elements of contemporary and modern designs.

Transitional en suite bathrooms often highlight the biggest fixture as the centerpiece. The focal point can be a bathtub, which usually occupies the biggest space in a bathroom.

For example, place a clawfoot tub beside a contemporary-style cabinet. A shower stall adds to a transitional style if you use glass doors and walls.

modern soaking tub

Transitional en suite bathrooms often highlight the biggest fixture as the centerpiece.

You also don’t stop at en suite bathroom accents and fixtures when you create a transitional theme. Floors and walls can be redone with natural wood to function as a transitional part of the bathroom.

Once you decide on a transitional design plan, always start with big fixtures such as the bathtub, shower and toilet. You can easily visualize the entire space before working your way toward smaller elements.

If you want a bathroom that won’t go out of style too soon, choose a clean and minimalist appearance regardless of design.

Do you need some inspiration to create an enviable en suite bathroom? Check out this guide featuring seven luxury properties with impeccable bathroom designs.


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