Interior Designer Naomi Coe Talks Creating Stylish Children’s Bedrooms

black and white child bedroom by desiger naomi coe
"Your Perfect Nursery" author Naomi Coe shares her top tips for creating a stylish children's bedroom. (Little Crown Interiors | Full Spectrum Photography)

Designing a stylish room for babies and children is hardly kid stuff, at least according to the founder of Little Crown Interiors and author of Your Perfect NurseryNaomi Coe. While designing the right space isn’t always easy, it is doable. The key is to strike a balance that will make both adults and kids happy. I recently spoke with Coe to discuss the latest trends and learn the interior designer’s best advice for creating a space where little ones can sleep chic and sound.

portrait photograph of designer naomi coe

Coe believes that organization is crucial when it comes to making a kid’s room stand out. (Little Crown Interiors | Full Spectrum Photography)

What are some of the most popular kids’ room trends you’ve seen lately?

2021 has been all about neutrals, cozy textures, and heightened function. So many of my clients want to make the home a calm, relaxing place, but also need to account for working and/or studying from home. By using mostly neutral colors, kid’s rooms can have a great foundation that will be versatile and multi-functional. Adding in lots of texture gives the room a cozy feel for kids and adds interest without clutter, so there is room for furniture and other items that need to serve a specific function.

How can you make a kid’s room stand out in terms of design? 

In my experience, the thing that really makes a kid’s room stand out is when it’s organized. Having toys, books, and clothes strewn about instantly makes the room look, well, messy. Incorporating thoughtful organization into a kid’s room will keep it looking great, and the focus will be on the design, not all their stuff.

How can you make a kid’s room reflect their personal style? 

I love working with kids because they are so vocal about what they want. It’s great to incorporate some of their personal style while also understanding that their tastes are going to change rapidly. I suggest asking the child what they want and then adding that color or theme into the space in targeted ways. For example, if they love purple, that doesn’t mean you have to paint the walls purple or buy purple furniture. You can get a purple throw pillow and use purple in some of the artwork and have them help you choose those items. That way, when they grow out of it or change their mind, you won’t be stuck repainting or buying new furniture.

light and airy child's bedroom design by naomi coe

Coe suggests asking the child what they want and then using their comments to add color or theme in targeted ways. (Little Crown Interiors | Full Spectrum Photography)

Canopies are a trend we’ve seen in luxury homes. Do you have any tips on how to style them?

I generally avoid canopies for nurseries since they can be a safety hazard, but for kids’ rooms, they can be great as long as the child is old enough. Canopies are great in the corner with a bunch of big soft pillows inside so they can use it as a little reading nook.

As a designer, how do you tackle bunk beds?

Bunk beds are great for adding more sleeping space into a room! If there are siblings using them, it’s fun to have two sets of bedding so they each have their own space. Alternately, you could get two sets of the same bedding and have different accent pillows and/or throw blankets. My biggest tip for bunk beds is not to get oversized bedding because it’s tricky to make them. There is even specialty bedding that makes this process a lot easier. 

child canopy bed in a los angeles luxury home

Coe says that canopies and canopy beds make great additions to any corner. (Hilton & Hyland)

What’s the best way to choose furniture for a nursery or baby’s room?

The most important thing about choosing nursery furniture is that meets all current safety regulations. After that, you can narrow it down by style, function, and budget. There are a ton of options out there, so I recommend keeping an eye out for styles that you like early on. Keep in mind that you will likely only use the crib for approximately two-three years before transitioning to a toddler bed or twin bed. 

Many cribs will convert and have conversion kits you can buy and store until you’re ready for it. If possible, try to go look at some cribs in person to make sure they are sturdy and well-built. A rickety crib is not a safe crib! There’s also a whole section about this in my book, Your Perfect Nursery, because there really is so much to learn when it comes to crib shopping.

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