Interior Designer Lisa Gilmore Talks Finding Success And Honing Her Process

Contemporary Chef's Kitchen With Blue Cabinetry Lisa Gilmore Design
Bicoastal interior designer Lisa Gilmore dishes on the latest trends and creating "livable glamour." (Courtesy of Lisa Gilmore Design)

Lisa Gilmore is both the founder and the heartbeat behind Lisa Gilmore Design. The Florida-based interior designer, who specializes in residential projects, calls her signature style “liveable glamour.” However, this doesn’t necessarily mean tons of jewel tones and chandeliers. Rather, she strives for design that ignites stories and makes homeowners feel their best.

“Glamour is different for each person. While one person might love all the sparkle, another person’s version of glamour may be denim and cotton. Liveable glamour is beautiful, functional, and available to everyone, even those with kids or pets,” says Gilmore.

Designer Lisa Gilmore

Based in Florida, Gilmore has experience with both residential and commercial design and strives to “ignite stories” through her projects. (Courtesy of Lisa Gilmore Design)

I recently spoke with the interior designer about her journey, being a business owner as well as the current challenges everyone in the industry is facing.

When did you realize you wanted to become an interior designer?

I knew from a very early age that I would do something creative. So when I decided to be an interior designer, I went full force into my education right out of high school and haven’t looked back.

How did you get your start?

Working for great small design firms gave me an amazing opportunity and foundation. I started in my hometown of Lakeland, Florida, and ventured to Chicago in my early 20s where I learned so much. I was a sponge. Upon my return to Florida in the fall of 2011, I launched my company.

How would you describe your style?

I’m truly a chameleon when it comes to design. I never want someone to be able to walk into a room and say “Lisa Gilmore did this.” To me, that would mean I have become repetitive. I want to always be fresh. Now, someone can say “this feels very Lisa Gilmore” and that would make me happy!

One thing is for sure, there is never a shortage of patterns, textures, or color when it comes to my design work!

What’s your secret design sauce?

Really leaning into that natural instinct. Some things are just natural talent. I can always tell when a design is on the right track. I feel it inside.

Lisa Gilmore Dining Room Black Walls Artistic Chairs

A subdued dining/tasting room design by Gilmore is enhanced by gold trim and light boxes. (Courtesy of Lisa Gilmore Design)

You say your design philosophy is “Liveable Glamour.” What does that mean and how can anyone create a space with a “Liveable Glamour” vibe?

It is about owning what is glamorous to you– what makes you feel special, luxurious. It can be things like velvets and crystals (probably the first thing that comes to people’s mind) and it can also be things like cotton and linen, or super modern with a killer art collection.

So when it comes to trying to master the art of liveable glamour, let your heart guide you a bit. Allow yourself to splurge on what makes you smile and feel special. Allow yourself to feel connected to your space. It’s all about finding and exploring what is glamorous to you, making a commitment, and celebrating it in your home design.

What’s the first thing you do when you start working with a new client?

Talk about budget, and expectations and dive into the things that they want to feel when they walk into their home. Each design always starts with a vision board— it’s the guiding light for the project.

Livable Glamour Living Room Lisa Gimore Design

A sparkling chandelier adds an eye-catching touch to this light and bright living room by Gilmore. (Courtesy of Lisa Gilmore Design)


What interior design trends or aesthetics are your favorites?

I’m a fan of not letting trends guide you too much, when it comes to design, you have to feel it. You will be living in it every day, so who cares what the trends are? What do you like?

What trends are your least favorite?

There are many. Really, fast home fashion— meaning, don’t just buy things to fill a spot, because then it just becomes a dust collector that you do not care about.

What’s an area of the home most people overlook regarding design?

Surprisingly, their primary bedrooms. People always invest more in the common areas and what people will see. However, your bedroom is just important. It’s your haven, your resting space, the first thing you see when you wake and the last thing you see when you close your eyes. Imagine how much your day could be impacted with a well-designed bedroom?

What have been your biggest design challenges? 

As a business owner, there are always many challenges. Some are easier than others. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the last two years have felt like a double swing door that keeps popping back and smacking you!

Covid was scary for everyone, and we didn’t know what was in store. Shutdowns were awful, and it’s impacting our supply chain and project flow so largely. We haven’t had a fully complete project install in so long. That part has been really hard. As designers we pour so much into what we do— to not have an amazing end reveal with a happy client (and designer) has been tough and wears on us. But, we are powering through and making the best of these piecemeal installs as best as possible!



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