How To Find (And Buy) The Best Ocean-View Property In Spain

The coastline of Spain.
Shopping for real estate in Spain can be highly competitive and nuanced, so it is important to consider a few things when looking for an investment in the country.

Ocean-view homes in Spain offer some of the most idyllic views in the country, making them a popular option among those considering living abroad. And it is because of the scenic beauty they offer that ocean-view properties in Spain are also some of the most coveted.

Shopping for real estate in Spain can be highly competitive and nuanced, so it is important to consider a few things when looking for an investment in the country. Whether it’s for year-round living or a holiday home, here are five things to consider during the buying process:

1) Figure out the where and why (or finding the right place for you)

The Iberian Peninsula has an extensive and varied coastline; some areas have more available properties near the seafront than others because the area is better suited for it in terms of geography and climate.

For example, the north of Spain has been sculpted by the Atlantic ocean into a more rugged environment, even though it has beautiful beaches as well. Eastern and south-western coastal areas have a milder disposition, which provides more opportunities for living closer to the sea.

From a historical standpoint, past cultures who made their home in these areas, such as the Romans or Moors, seemed to favor calm lifestyles and were dedicated to trades such as agriculture, art of medicine. This is evidenced in how the towns are structured; buildings were designed with open patios and well-decorated terraces to take full advantage of the sunlight.

Most properties sold in Spain are located in the Autonomous Community of Valencia and Andalusia, according to the General Notary Council. This can largely be attributed to the Mediterranean region itself and the culture that permeates within: an area that balances a calm and peaceful environment with bustling cities brimming with life.

2) Keep an open mind (or don’t be afraid to think outside the box)

Generally, a person has a good idea of what they are looking for in a property when beginning their search but that’s not always the case. When searching for a coastal home in Spain, it is sometimes best to keep a broad view. Most luxury properties offer something unique, whether it’s different features, views or location. Often, a buyer will find exactly what they are looking for — in a different area than where their original search began.

Some homes might have a view of the ocean but are located a few miles from it. While living on or next to the beach is a popular option, opting for an ocean-view property instead has its advantages:

A property that is near a natural park might have a view of the sea and simultaneously offer the advantages of living in the countryside. The east coast of Spain is a paradise for those who enjoy birdwatching or fishing, for example. In these areas, it’s not uncommon to look out a window and see a flock of flamingos flying towards the marshes.

Being further from the beach also has its perks when it comes to avoiding unwanted visitors. One downside of having a home by the sea is that the beaches in the area are public by law in Span, meaning anyone can access the area without issue. This could potentially become a slight nuisance for those living nearby, particularly during crowded holiday seasons.

Living further inland, whether it’s in a mountainous area or a secluded, park-like area, offers a wider variety of options when it comes to leisurely activities. For the adventurous types, living more inland gives better access to trails for running, mountain biking and riding as well as areas for climbing, spelunking and canoeing.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help (or find your ‘ace’ in the market)

In a competitive market, such is the case with ocean-view property in Spain, finding the most secluded and desirable homes on the market can be difficult. As with other areas of business, sometimes it’s best to call in an expert.

Some real estate agents are privy to off-market listings that are not available to the general public. Coveted properties are sometimes intentionally kept a secret by real estate agents to protect the privacy of the owners. Identifying a real estate agent or brokerage that specializes in these arrangements can help with accessing more exclusive homes and properties. In certain instances, the broker may even be able to negotiate the sale of a property that is not publicly listed for sale.

4) Views are important but what else? (or other things to consider)

Quality of the view is paramount when it comes to buying a home near the ocean. Once the ideal location has been identified, it’s time to evaluate the must-have and not-have features. Creating a checklist of desired features can help in the process. Here are some of the most asked about features in Spain’s coastal real estate market:

  • A view from an infinity-edge swimming pool with cascading waterfalls.
  • A view of sunsets from a partially-enclosed front veranda or patio.
  • An exterior sun deck for soaking up the warmth of the sun on bright days
  • Quick or direct access a beach for leisurely strolls in the sand
  • Space for designing and maintaining a garden to improve the view from the property

5) Get your money’s worth (or find the perfect property that’s also a sound Investment)

Generally speaking, there has been no better time to invest in real estate than now. When buying an ocean-view property in Spain, it is important to consider how much the property value will increase over time, particularly when looking at properties in exclusive settings.

In recent years, residential properties in coastal areas have seen significant growth in market activity, according to a report by TINSA’s Informe de Vivienda Costa 2019 (a report about coastal housing from a year ago). Surging prices have been evidenced throughout the Mediterranean coast but the increases are not always consistent from area to area.

In the Valencian autonomous region, certain parts of Alicante saw a dip in sales as a result of Brexit; however, prices have been recovering steadily and are estimated to continue to increase.

Areas further up the Valencian coast have experienced a slow and steady increase in sales and prices. In the Castellon region, sales and prices have recovered more slowly than others but are estimated to see increases, particularly in Benicàssim, Peñíscola or Sagunto.


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