Historic San Miguel De Allende Sees Increased Interest From Younger Buyers To Start 2022

Out door patio
San Miguel de Allende's vibrant culture and colonial architecture continue to attract retirees from the United States.

San Miguel de Allende’s vibrant culture and colonial architecture continue to attract retirees from the United States. Recently, however, more young families have chosen to call the charming city home in 2022.

San Miguel de Allende is located about a three-hour drive from Mexico City at 6,135 feet above sea level in the state of Guanajuato. The city boasts a comfortable four-season climate, an abundance of great dining and a lively art and culture scene—lifestyle ingredients that have started bringing younger families during the pandemic, according to top real estate agents in the area.

outside steps at casa las monjas in san miguel de allende's centro neighborhood

More and more families are moving to San Miguel de Allende, which has been regularly voted one of the best cities in the world. (CDR SAN MIGUEL)

“We are seeing more families relocating here than ever because of being able to work remotely and ZOOM. They love the bi-cultural experience for their children,” said Ann Dolan, a luxury real estate specialist with CDR San Miguel, the area’s leading luxury brokerage. Dolan, who raised her children there, confirms San Miguel de Allende boasts several excellent bi-lingual private schools.

The cost of living there attracts both older and younger buyers. “We are seeing retirees buying co-primary homes in the luxury $700,000 and up range. They are spending more on a home here, so it’s comparable to what they have in the states,” Dolan said.

inner courtyard area with lush plants at casa la monjas in san miguel de allende

Casa La Monjas is a charming traditional colonial home in the highly desirable Centro neighborhood of San Miguel de Allende. (CDR SAN MIGUEL)

Traveling between the U.S. and San Miguel de Allende is convenient. There are eight flights daily from the U.S. into each airport serving San Miguel de Allende. This includes Queretaro (an hour away) and Leon (about 1.20 minutes away). San Miguel de Allende’s major U.S. markets for buyers are California, Texas, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York.

“Even in the midst of COVID, we are starting off the year quite strong with multiple offers,” said Dolan. “Our lifestyle is all about enjoying indoor and outdoor living in homes with patios, terraces and courtyards.”

outdoor patio and gazebo at casa las monjas in san miguel de allende

An outdoor patio at Casa las Monjas, a charming colonial home listed for $1.2 million. (CDR SAN MIGUEL)

Casa Las Monjas, currently listed for $1.2 million (U.S.), is located in the heart of the desirable Centro neighborhood. Off the living room is a covered open-air terrace with a sitting area and fireplace. That looks out on a tropical-landscaped central patio with a fountain.

This three-bedroom, four-bathroom property also features a rooftop terrace for sunset viewing.

contemporary colonial-style living room inside a luxury home in san miguel de allende mexico

Casa Tres Campanas succeeds in creating a space which accommodates the comfort and luxury that few contemporary homes provide, as well as safekeeping the elements which make up the colonial architecture that characterizes this historic town. (CDR SAN MIGUEL)

Moving to the family-friendly neighborhood of Vista Antigua, you’ll find it perfect for kids to ride bikes and play safely. Yet it’s convenient for all the activities in Centro. Spacious family homes can be found for under a million.

Casa Tres Campanas in Vista Antiqua is a spacious four-bedroom, four-bathroom property designed in a contemporary-colonial architectural style. Listed at $789,000 (U.S.), it’s only minutes off desirable Centro.

luxury home in san miguel de allende with a view of the historic core

A private balcony takes in sweeping views of San Miguel de Allende’s most spectacular landmarks. (CDR SAN MIGUEL)

There is a Bocce ball court, a 12-person jacuzzi, and a terrace overlooking the colonial city. An abundance of exterior space, including courtyards, appeal to those relocating to San Miguel de Allende.

For an insider’s view on life for all ages in San Miguel de Allende, visit San Miguel Life.


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