Flooring Trends We’re Seeing In Luxury Homes In 2021

Flooring is anything but a subtle detail. The right floors can truly transform a space. But flooring is also a practical choice. That’s because, unlike most finishes, floors are subject to an incredible amount of wear and tear. So, you want to choose something durable if you often entertain or have kids or pets.

While flooring trends come and go, the high-end home market tends to lean towards more timeless looks that look current yet won’t look dated in the years to come. Here are some of the flooring trends we’re seeing in some of the top luxury homes on the international market. 


This custom home in Toronto features several bordered floors including one in the entry embellished with Greek key details. (Barry Cohen Homes)


Do you like fine details? Bordered floors are truly the epitome of elegance. Take this stately custom home on Berkindale Crescent in Toronto, for example. It has a bordered floor in two different rooms. The first one is the marble entryway, which has a Greek key style border. This pattern elevates what could be a very minimalist space. 

music room and den inside 5 Berkindale Crescent in toronto

In the den/music room, wood borders surround beautiful herringbone-patterned wood floors. (Barry Cohen Homes)

On the other hand, double borders create a look that’s twice as formal. The living room features a chic double border of lighter-colored wood, contrasting the herringbone design, and it also makes the piano look even more stately. 

Exclusive Penthouse | Stunning Sea Views

Blonde wood floors are a great way to make a space feel larger. This stunning penthouse at One at Palm Jumeirah uses blonde wood floors for a clean, expansive look. (Driven Properties)

Blonde Wood

Blonde wood flooring has become incredibly popular in recent years. It has a contemporary, versatile look that works in just about any home. The flooring at this exclusive Dubai penthouse with stunning seaside views couldn’t be a better choice. It’s clean-looking and makes the expansive room look even larger.

kitchen inside one at palm jumeirah penthouse

Note that blonde wood is at its best with a matte finish. (Driven Properties)

Note that blonde wood is at its best with a matte finish. So if you are going to renovative your home, tell your contractor not to use a glossy finish.  

high-end wine room inside 1280 Angelo Dr in Beverly Hills, CA

Wide-plank floors, such as the ones found inside this Beverly Hills showplace, have been a popular trend in recent years. (Hilton & Hyland)

Wide Planks

They say size doesn’t matter, but that’s not always true when it comes to wood flooring. Large plank flooring has seen a major boost in popularity in recent years, especially for lighter finishes such as the floors at this architectural masterpiece in Beverly Hills.

wide plank white floors inside a luxury home in beverly hills

The white shade of the floor at this home is simply stunning. (Hilton & Hyland)

The white shade of the floor at this home is simply stunning and compliments the beautiful white appliances and the other finishes in the kitchen. 

bedroom with brown marble floors and leather accent wall

Brown marble floors lends a sophisticated look to a bedroom inside this luxury villa in Dubai. (Driven Properties)

Brown Marble

On the other hand, marble is an excellent alternative to wood. While it might not be appropriate for every room, it’s the perfect way to add some warmth to spaces that don’t get a ton of foot traffic such as the bedroom in this upgraded Dubai villa.

dubai villa with a private gym and water views

The brown marble continues in the home’s gym. (Driven Properties)

It’s important to remember that marble flooring can scatch, so it must be properly sealed and maintained. Still, it’s a timeless finish that’s worth the cost and maintenance. 

large penthouse in IL Primo downtown dubai with open floor plan and marble floors

Carerra marble is among the most popular flooring trends. In this Dubai penthouse, the flooring is used for a cohesive look. (Driven Properties)

Carerra Marble Flooring

Far from a fad, Carerra marble has been popular for quite some time now. We see this material used for kitchen countertops and backsplashes as well as in bathrooms. This stone is also ideal for flooring.

lavish bedroom with carerra marble floors in dubai

In addition to floors, Carerra marble can be used for kitchen countertops and backsplashes as well as in bathrooms. (Driven Properties)

In this large penthouse at the IL Primo residence in downtown Dubai, Carerra marble is used throughout the space and gives the upscale home a contemporary, cohesive look that could not be achieved with a different finish. It has an open and airy aesthetic that highlights the large windows and breathtaking views. 

two story living room in a dubai penthouse

A large area rug unites the open-concept floor plan inside this Dubai penthouse. (Driven Properties)

Area Rugs

No matter what type of flooring you have, no room is truly complete without a stylish area rug. Whether you have a large home, smaller home, or apartment, area rugs add texture and draw in the eye. They give a room a true designer’s touch and make it overall look more interesting. Rugs also feel good under your feet. 

area rug used in a dubai penthouse dining room

Area rugs are a great way to complement other furniture and decor. (Driven Properties)

There’s an area rug in every room in this three-bedroom apartment in Dubai, each complementing the furniture and decor in a slightly different way. 

cannes apartment for sale

When it comes to flooring, sometimes it’s better to mix it up. This Cannes residence has floor tiles in the common areas and classic wood floors in the bedroom. (Groupe Mercure)

A Mix Of Flooring

Remember, when choosing flooring for your home— you don’t have to go with just one type. However, it still needs to look cohesive. Furthermore, not all types of floors work in all spaces. For example, hardwood floors aren’t the best choice for areas where there’s water, such as a kitchen, bathrooms, and basements.

Cannes, Croisette – Luxurious apartment bedoom

Warm woods are always a nice touch in bedroom areas. (Groupe Mercure)

Looking for some inspiration? The combination of tile and wood floors at this modern apartment in Cannes is simply perfect. The floor tiles in the dining area look fabulous with the wood accents in the room, while the classic wood in the bedroom is a look you can’t go wrong with. 

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