Five Kitchen Design Trends Here To Stay In 2023

Orange Kitchen Cabinetry
From bold stonework to inventive cabinetry, here are five kitchen design trends expected to remain popular in 2023.

2022 was a unique year for kitchen trends. Homeowners and investors were finally able to finish up projects that had become long delayed during the pandemic. But, overall, after many years of seeing so much of the same look, especially the all-white, open kitchen, trends finally started to evolve.

2023 is setting out to be a new era for kitchen design trends, pushing the boundaries of new styles and concepts that began to fall into favor in 2022 to the forefront of the latest and greatest in design. Here are five kitchen design trends here to stay, according to interior designers and experts.

Custom Built In Appliances

Custom built-in appliances that create a seamless look in the kitchen remains atop luxury buyers’ wishlists.

Custom Built-In Appliances 

From hidden panel refrigerators to sleek hoods, there’s nothing like a beautiful kitchen with luxury appliances. Manufacturers and designers have found a way to take this trend to an entirely new level with even more built-in appliances. Paul Salazar of Hilton & Hyland tells me this design trend is definitely here to stay, at least in the Los Angeles market. “Some of the features these high-end buyers are looking for are custom built-ins, such as Sub-Zero freezer drawers, warming drawers, commercial grade ranges, and more,” he says. “It is not uncommon to find a $6,000 built-in Miele coffee machine, for example.”

While that might sound like a lot to some, Salazar makes a very good point. “I mean, if you owned a $20 million house, wouldn’t you want to start your day with a freshly brewed cup of espresso?”

Working Butler's Pantry Inside Luxury Home

Homeowners are now finding a new way to take advantage of their kitchen space by making their pantries more functional.

Working Pantries

Large kitchen pantries that are perfectly organized with decanted food housed in clear bins and wicker baskets inspired by Pinterest and Instagram have been a big trend for years now. Homeowners are now finding a new way to take advantage of these spaces. Interior designer Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors has noticed clients asking her to help outfit these spaces with additional conveniences. “The kitchen trends I think are here to stay are the ones that improve the functionality of the space. Things like working pantries, pantries with microwaves, freezer drawers, and countertop appliances. All the mess and work goes on behind the scenes.”

Kitchen Islands

When one island isn’t enough. Dual-island kitchens are another popular design detail of 2022.

Double Islands

Kitchen islands have been an essential part of luxury homes for the better part of the last decade, if not longer. They look beautiful and make the space work more efficiently, especially for home chefs. While islands aren’t going out of style any time in the foreseeable future, many homeowners are upgrading their kitchens to include double islands. This trend is likely to continue into 2023. “One with the sink and dishwasher or the cooktop, the other for gathering. Everyone ends up in the kitchen around the island. Having a separate island just makes sense when you have the extra space for it,” says Forshew.

Wood Marble Luxury Kitchen

Bold marble countertops are used to add a contemporary feel to the kitchen.

Bold Stone

The popularity of the all-white kitchen with Carrara marble countertop has reached its peak and is starting to wane, especially in more high-end homes. Instead of going for this look, many designers and homeowners are opting for the complete opposite with bold stone, explains Salazar. “Bold accents in black or gold provide a stark and eye-catching contrast to a typical all-white kitchen color palette. Marble countertops add to an overall opulent feel that many homeowners want to capture.”

People are looking for slabs with more dynamic movement. “We are moving away from backsplash tiles and prefer running the same countertop material up the back wall. Paired with elegant fixtures and soothing finishes, the strong movement in the slab delivers that wow factor to any kitchen,” says interior designer Noelle Isbell of Noelle Interiors.

Contemporary Kitchen With Bright Orange Cabinetry

Homeowners are becoming more inventive when it comes to cabinetry, whether in terms of functionality or appearance.

Custom Cabinetry and Appliance Garages

Morgan Bratcher, lead designer at Design West tells me, “Through cabinetry, countertop, and backsplash options, the kitchen provides an infinite amount of opportunities to build on texture. In several of our design projects, we integrate color variations in a similar palette to build on texture and make the space more visually appealing.”

One customization that is likely to only increase in popularity is appliance garages. “With custom cabinetry being the core of kitchen design in general, we’re beginning to see more inventive storage solutions to tackle counter clutter and to easily maintain organization in the kitchen. We’ve been seeing this in the form of appliance garages to ease up on counter space as well as custom pantries, pullout shelves, and drawers already with utensils and dish storage built in,” says Bratcher.


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