COVID Interior Design Trends Not Going Away Any Time Soon

As we approach the tail end of the pandemic, it’s impossible to deny how it has changed the way we live our lives and use our homes. Although most of us aren’t staying home all of the time anymore, our living spaces remain more important than ever. So many different design trends emerged during this period. Here are seven of the biggest COVID design trends that will likely be popular for years to come.  

Home Offices

The kitchen used to be considered the most important room in the home, but it’s been knocked out of the top spot by the home office. Having a home office was a saving grace for many people during the pandemic. These rooms may even increase the value of a property. 

The home office at 9255 Doheny Road in West Hollywood, California, is a great example because it is a much-needed enclave for productivity separate from the living room and kitchen.

a contemporary home office inside 9255 doheny road in west hollywood

Among the biggest amenity trends that emerged during COVID-19 was the home office. Light gray hues lend a contemporary note to this home office inside the Sierra Towers building in West Hollywood. (Hilton & Hyland)

Flexible Spaces

Much like home offices, flexible use spaces have been a major pandemic trend. Now with more people continuing to work from home, flexible use rooms are still highly coveted. A perfect example of this is the built-in desk that turns a hallway and storage area into a proper workstation at 14 East 90th St., Apartment 6C, in Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood

flexible living space inside carnegie hill manhattan apartment 14 East 90th Street, Apt 6C

Flexible living space comes in all shapes in sizes. At this Carnegie Hill residence, a built-in desk turns a hallway into a flexible creative space. (Warburg Realty)

The library/dining room in this luxurious Upper West Side co-op at 255 West 84th Street is another example of a flexible use space. Not only is it beautifully designed because it is separate from the kitchen and living room, allowing for privacy while working, making calls, etc. 

grand library/dining room inside a luxurious upper west side co-op in manhattan

The library/dining room inside this Upper West Side co-op is separate from the kitchen and living room, allowing for privacy while working, making calls, etc. (Warburg Realty)

Closed Kitchens

While open-concept homes and open kitchens, in particular, were considered standard for the longest time, closed kitchens made a surprise comeback during the pandemic. Not only do closed kitchens give someone a little bit of privacy when they cook, but some closed kitchens can also double as a home office.

The kitchen at 418 North Harper Ave. in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles has plenty of space for meal prep and alone time.

cozy closed kitchen inside 418 North Harper Ave. in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles

Closed kitchens such as the one seen inside this Beverly Grove home in Los Angeles made a surprise comeback during the pandemic. (Hilton & Hyland)

Oversized Refrigerators

Oversized refrigerators have become essential for most family homes. At the beginning of the pandemic, just before the shutdowns began, there was serious concern about food shortages. Many people stocked up on everything they could fit in their fridges. Because most standard refrigerators don’t have quite enough space to stock up for emergencies, oversized double refrigerators such as this one at 205 East 63rd St. in Manhattan are now a must-have. This is especially true for city apartments, where people don’t keep extra refrigerators in their basements and garages. 

luxury kitchen with overswized refrigerator in manhattan

Storage, particularly in the kitchen, was another must-have during the early parts of the pandemic. This renovated nine-bedroom at 205 East 63rd Street in Manhattan features an oversized chrome refrigerator and ample cabinet space. (Warburg Realty)

Sheer Window Treatments

Many people experienced a constant struggle between having enough light and having a sense of privacy with neighbors and close buildings within view during the pandemic. One design solution that emerged was the use of sheer window treatments to create a perfect balance between these two things, and it’s a trend that became extremely popular. 

The curtains used at 1435 Lexington Ave., 8D, in Carnegie Hill are ideal. They give the space an open, airy quality instead of feeling as if they close off the home’s windows. If you’re feeling inspired by this look for your own home, sheer white curtains are easy to find in any size and budget.

white dining room with sheer curtains in carnegie hill manhattan apartment

Sheer curtains like the ones found inside this Carnegie Hill residence offer privacy but still allow for natural light. (Warburg Realty)

Outdoor Spaces

Even small outdoor spaces have become far more valuable during the height of the pandemic. The balcony at this Greenwood Village, Colo., residence with expansive mountain views is a prime example of this. While it is nowhere near the size of a backyard, it is truly an outdoor oasis. It fits everything needed for a small gathering, including a sofa, chair, grill and coffee table. This balcony is the perfect spot for sunset cocktails, reading a book, or just enjoying the breathtaking view. 

west-facing balcony at a luxury condo in greenwood village colorado

Outdoor living space comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This Greenwood Village, Colorado, condominium features ample patio space with west-facing views. (Slifer, Smith & Frampton)

Condos With Lots Of Amenities

Since the shutdowns, condo amenities are no longer considered extras or bonuses, they are essential for luxury living today. This includes gyms, pools, party spaces, dog parks, indoor and outdoor co-working lounges and dining areas— to name a few.

The developers for the new condominiums at the Waterfront development on Daniel Island, South Carolina, added several amazing amenities to this property. In addition to a large pool with plenty of seating around it, this building also features a private rooftop terrace for its residents.

waterfront daniel island condominium overlooking community swimming pool

For condo-shoppers, luxury amenities like those provided at the Waterfront development on Daniel Island, South Carolina, proved to be a major selling point during the pandemic. (East West Partners)

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