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Hilton & Hyland
Luxury Real Estate Agency in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, & surrounding Westside communities, California

Founded in 1993 by Jeff Hyland and Rick Hilton, Hilton & Hyland is synonymous with luxury real estate in Los Angeles, with an earned privilege and reputation for selling the most distinctive properties and estates in the world. Hilton & Hyland is well-positioned in Beverly Hills, serving many of Los Angeles’ most distinguished, influential, and affluent residents. We maintain an international presence in all major centers around the world as a founding affiliate and exclusive Los Angeles member of Forbes Global Properties, a Forbes company, and through our exclusive relationship with Luxury Portfolio International.

Independent. Hilton & Hyland is privately held, unfettered by constituents, investors, or outside shareholders to serve. With no divided loyalties, our organization is free from the numerous conflicts inherent to larger organizations or corporate brokerages. The independence of our character, integrity, and voice, coupled with our unwavering commitment to client service, starkly contrasts a crowded field of companies fixated on expansion, IPOs, investor payouts, and market trends.

Ambassadors. While real estate firms seek to attract the most accomplished professionals, Hilton & Hyland places a premium on selecting only those who fit the culture while providing specific expertise to the firm. Agents are hand selected for their skills, accomplishments, and discerning ethics in luxury real estate marketing, purchase, and sale. Becoming part of the Hilton & Hyland team is more than just a choice of brokerage; it is an achievement and a mark of distinction recognized throughout the global real estate community.

Service. In matters of personal service, Hilton & Hyland has a long-standing commitment to our clients, well surpassing the standards by which other real estate firms are judged. We are wholeheartedly committed to building enduring relationships and providing a plethora of expertise and solutions to meet our client’s ever-evolving needs.

Community. Hilton & Hyland is proud of the community in which it serves. Deeply committed to making a difference, we believe community service and social responsibility are important – and endeavor to bring to it the same qualities of excellence and dedication as we do to our work.

“All said & done, it’s your reputation that counts.” – Jeff Hyland (1947 – 2022)