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Barry Cohen Homes

Barry Cohen Homes is the top luxury real estate team serving the Greater Toronto Area and is led by our team leader, Barry Cohen. A reputable name in the Canadian Real Estate Industry among colleagues, clients and media, Barry Cohen has achieved and held the title of the top sales agent in the industry.

With over thirty years of real estate experience, Barry faithfully serves his clientele in the luxury real estate sector of the Greater Toronto Area. With over $5 billion in sales volume, Barry has undoubtedly sold more luxury homes in Toronto in the last decade, than any of his competitors. Known nationally and internationally, Barry has been recognized for his sales outstanding achievements and has a reputation as one of the most trusted and admired agents in the Toronto real estate market.

Exclusive Properties

CAD 8,699,000 (US $6,915,659)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Striking Lytton Park Masterpiece

CAD 9,990,000 (US $8,000,115)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elegance And Luxury In Yorkville

CAD 12,998,000 (US $10,408,959)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hoggs Hollows Finest Estate

CAD 7,800,000 (US $6,200,959)
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Exquisite Grandeur In Kleinburg

CAD 6,680,000 (US $5,349,426)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Outstanding In Forest Hill

CAD 9,980,000 (US $7,992,107)
Toronto, Canada

Outstanding Lawrence Park Residence

CAD 5,995,000 (US $4,800,870)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dramatic Curb Appeal On Fifeshire

CAD 6,380,000 (US $5,109,183)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Outstanding Architectural Lytton Park Custom

CAD 26,900,000 (US $21,541,852)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Timeless Masterpiece On Stratheden

CAD 5,380,000 (US $4,308,370)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Outstanding Custom In Bayview Village

CAD 6,995,000 (US $5,560,988)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Unrivalled Custom On Picturesque Ravine

CAD 6,998,000 (US $5,563,373)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sprawling Stone Estate on Fifeshire