Minimalist Design Villas with maximum impact: A marvel in white

EUR 1,989,000
(US $2,159,219)
Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
Status: Active

The careful use of materials, angles, lighting, space, neutral colours and the reduction of clutter and noise are the key architectural properties adopted in this magnificent minimalist villa complex. The focus is predominately on the structure, light, materials and space to create a high visual impact using basis materials, stripping everything down to the bare minimum. This development has adopted the above philosophies in addition to mindful living with one another and the surroundings. This is elegantly reflected in the orientation of the properties, the simplicity of the staircase and the impact felt when entering the primary living and resting areas.

The overall development consists of 13 detached villas set on an 8,870 sq m elevated site with exhilarating, all-encompassing views. There are 3 different configurations of villa types on individual plot sizes ranging from 600 to 700 sq m with minimum 4 bedrooms within 450 to 550 sq m living space. Each unit has 2 large terraces, 25 sq m private swimming pool, 2 enclose parking spaces and an electric vehicle charging system as standard. The properties have underfloor heating, heat pump and concealed ceiling VRF air conditioning which enables all year round living. The properties are available for immediate occupation.

These units are eligible for citizenship.

The Bodrum Peninsula, on the Aegean coastline, is at the heart of the champagne socialist scene where the attractive, rich, and famous live in high society. With breath takingly beautiful sunsets, the location gives way to a history that dates back to 2000 BC. It’s home to lovely Blue Flag beaches, old stone hilltop windmills, rock caves, bays with crystal blue waters, wellness centres, renowned gourmet dining restaurants, exclusive marina shopping mall which hosts more than 100 top global brands, Boutique hotels, local fish restaurants in the harbour and a selection of up market beach clubs with exclusive guest lists. The nearby award wining first high-capacity mega-yacht marina hosts super yachts (up to 140 meters) from all over the world.

From an investment prospective, over the last year, the value of the US dollar has appreciated by over 24% against local currency and over 5% against the Euro. This is a very attractive rate of return through currency exchange alone.

These minimalist villas are a marvel in white where collectedness and peace of mind prevail.

Prices start from €1,989,000

Square Meters

This unique 4 Bedroom home with 4 Bathrooms is a prime example of the luxury real estate available in Bodrum, Muğla. You can visit our Muğla search pages for more luxury real estate choices in Bodrum.