House in Westmount, Quebec

CAD 25,000,000
(US $18,593,485)
3219, Boul. The Boulevard
Westmount, Quebec, Canada
Status: Active
The house has an intriguing background. It was built in 1847 in what is now Westmount, with a stunning view down the hill to the St. Lawrence River and hundreds of miles beyond. The house on 2 lots is a Regency-style plantation home, common in the tropics, but a style seldom seen in Montreal. Perhaps its most distinguishing feature is the two balconies that circumnavigate it at the main floor and second floor levels. The second owner of the house was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria (who perhaps, gave it its name BRAEMAR, after the village in Scotland near Victoria's beloved Balmoral Castle)

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This unique 7 Bedroom home with 8 Bathrooms is a prime example of the luxury real estate available in Westmount, Quebec. You can visit our Quebec search pages for more luxury real estate choices in Westmount.