Antarès : Stimulator of emotions – Sirius 502

EUR 5,134,812
(US $6,089,247)

Meribel, French Alps, France
Status: Active
Perched in the heart of the French Alps on a site that flirts with the summits, these chalets have been designed by us so that the high-quality materials blend harmoniously with nature while large apartments showcase all the sophistication of French craftsmanship. The estate serves as a jewellery case in which every detail has been conceived to bestow more serenity. Antarès offers all that and much more: to live here is to experience true freedom thanks to our 360-degree, tailor-made, no obstacle vision of your mountain residence. To bring this vision to fruition and look after this exceptional development, we set up Antarès Management to add yet more soul to Antarès Méribel, all in the name of catering to your every demand. We support you from the moment you arrive at the property and all throughout your stay, working discreetly to give unique scope to your investment and all your holidays. Thanks to decades of experience providing special attention to guests all over the world, we can fulfil our wish to offer you the quintessential deal combining real estate excellence and the art of living. Antarès is an invitation to reinvent the concept of «home», a new way of thinking of your asset and how you live during holidays. Live (anew), and we’ll take care of the rest.

Listing Agent

Quentin Epiney

FGP Swiss & Alps

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