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REALTOR® TENI KALAFIAN is at the top of her game.
She brings an unparalleled depth of experience in residential and commercial real estate to the Houston market, along with her signature fearless enthusiasm. “I am a master negotiator and a strong deal closer. I’m efficient, productive, and assertive – all the things you need in a great agent. But at the same time, I have a soft heart for my clients. I’m protective of their dreams, and I do everything I can to help achieve their real estate goals.”
Although she was born in Pasadena, California, Teni has lived and worked in major metropolitan cities including San Francisco, New York, and London. “There are incredible properties in all those locations, but some of the most iconic and exclusive properties are right here in Houston. I’m eager to introduce my international clients to this city. It’s so warm and welcoming; it instantly feels like home.”
Teni’s mother serves as her inspiration for selecting a career in real estate. “I watched my mom gracefully juggle parenting with her profession. She was an absolute powerhouse real estate agent, but she always had time for her family. Now as a parent myself, I aspire to do the same. She was a great role model.”
A strong believer in self-care and wellness, Teni has learned to make herself a priority. “I’m energetic and resourceful, but I realize that I won’t stay that way unless I invest in myself. Spending quality time with the people I love replenishes my reserves. I also keep an eye on home trends; not just sales, but retail, renovations and interiors as well. A big part of my job is helping clients develop the vision for a property’s potential, so I pay attention to the details. I earn my clients’ confidence.”

Languages spoken: English, Armenian
Familiar with both the Armenian and Persian cultures.


Teni Kalafian


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