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If you’re looking for a Realtor who is addicted to details, then look no further. I have been working in service & advisory roles my whole life. My education is in communication. My background is in golf & teaching. Both worlds have taught me the value of preparation, as well as adaptation. I enjoy providing excellent hospitality to my clientele. I’m used to providing educational value & discerning information. Being an agent allows me to showcase my best skills because real estate isn’t just my job; it reflects who I am.

Over the last couple years, I have helped dozens of clients realize their goals, whether it be navigating through probate to sell a condo or overturning an unfair HOA ruling to get into a waterfront townhouse. Tirelessly, I make your goals, my goals.

I really pride myself on getting into the minutiae to help my clients make fully informed decisions. ‘If we prorate the days in February, we can save a few days on the lease. If we make it six months & 1 day, you can avoid a 13% tax. Did you know there’s a state program that could save you up to $25K at closing?’ These are the types of things you can expect to be considered when you deal with me. I always try to prepare & anticipate on behalf of my clients.

I’m also constantly building my team. I’m able to recommend quality mortgage, title & insurance professionals, as well as local yoga instructors & restaurants. I’m known to go above & beyond when it comes to service. I answer my phone early & late & on weekends. When I don’t know an answer, I know how to find it. I appreciate when I’m given a chance & I always strive to honor my clients’ wishes.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

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Sean Murphy