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Rita is an expert in high-end luxury real estate. She started in the real estate brokerage in 2014. Her greatest realization in her career as real estate specialist, is to find the best proposal for a new home for her clients.

Rita graduated in Business Administration from the University of Costa Rica and has work experience in the banking sector. In 1997 her family moved to Mexico City due to her husband’s work in a multinational company. After dedicating several years to her young children, she decides to enter the Universidad Iberoamericana with the purpose of completing a diploma in interior design, a passion that leads her to work for almost four years in at the Interiorismo Collection office, a period that concludes by her family´s returned to Costa Rica in 2013. During this time, she is in charge of several projects for luxury houses and apartments, experience that currently increases her capacity to be able to advise clients in search of a property with potential to achieve the spaces and finishes that constitute the best choice.

Her years as a real estate agent have allowed her to meet the needs of families of multiple nationalities, responding to their requirements with an innate ability to listen carefully, always with the purpose of starting an efficient search and communicating possibilities of adjustments in the construction until the desired spaces are achieved. Her negotiation capacity and personality directed towards the reconciliation of positions, are important ingredients that help to ensure successful transactions in the real estate market.

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Rita Montoya