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Crafting Elevated Real Estate Experiences

Welcome to the realm where creativity meets real estate! Licensed since 2014, Raquel is not just a real estate professional; she is an artist of transactions, a former award-winning high school teacher turned marketing maven, bringing a unique blend of passion and expertise to the world of real estate.

Before immersing into the property landscape and armed with degrees in Education and Psychology, Raquel left an indelible mark in education, earning the coveted Rookie Teacher of the Year Award. This recognition not only showcased Raquel’s ability to inspire but laid the foundation for a career devoted to meaningful connections.

In 2009, fueled by a love for art and intrinsic desire for creativity and psychology, Raquel ventured into the dynamic world of branding, marketing, and advertising in which she still directs projects today.  This transformative career shift was not just a change in profession but a harmonious merger of passions that set the stage for innovative thinking.  

Over the past 15 years, Raquel has excelled in the marketing domain, demonstrating a knack for creative campaigns and a deep understanding of market dynamics working for some of the world’s most recognized brands of the world.   The fusion of artistry, strategy, and most importantly, communication has been the hallmark of Raquel’s approach.

Ever-evolving, as no surprise, Raquel obtained her license in 2014 as real estate and finance run in her veins.  With her mother boasting over 30 years in real estate and lending and her father who held top, leadership roles in the financial sector, Raquel inherited a keen eye for property potential and financial acumen throughout the years.  This naturally merged her experience in global strategic thinking and creativity into a new venture. Driven by a genuine love for people, Raquel places the client at the center of every real estate endeavor. With a deep understanding of branding and marketing, she offers a tailored approach, ensuring that each property is presented in its most compelling light.  

In a world where time is of the essence, Raquel recognizes the importance of being readily available. You won’t find her delegating communication to others; she personally handles every aspect of your real estate journey.  She ensures an individualized experience as a commitment to white glove service is not just a promise but a philosophy.  Receiving principle of direct, personalized communication is a requirement in the way she operates.

Raquel specializes in the luxury market and has carved a niche for herself. The strategic partnership formed with The Keyes Company and Forbes Global Properties in 2024 will further expand the horizons, unlocking new possibilities and reach for clients within the luxury real estate landscape.

“The  vision is clear – to redefine the experience of buying or selling your property. Merging artistic creativity, marketing finesse, and a generational legacy, I’m poised to continue crafting elevated real estate experiences that transcend your expectations. The journey is not just about buying or selling properties; it’s about turning thoughts into tangible possibilities one transaction at a time.”

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