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For over a decade, Rae Mano’s visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to win awards with global, prominent luxury organizations such as Ferrari and Porsche throughout his career. Within this, Rae pioneered creative branding avenues for market adaptability and pace in the luxury world which secured him recognition internationally.

Rae is a highly accomplished sales professional that emphasises on cultivating relationships. He embodies a humble yet competitive approach in his ideologies and is always in search for new efficiencies and sustainable ways to achieve business success.

Rae takes advantage of his multicultural background to quickly understand different perspectives that can be derived from any business situation. He values the business’ goals and understands the importance of ensuring that overall progression and growth is pivotal in all aspects of life.

With the ever-changing landscape of modern-day new world business, Rae understands the rapid evolution that is required to ensure that his clients’ business requirements are met with solutions that are highly gratifying. He is confident that the team environment he is in cultivates this atmosphere.

Rae believes in the balance between the four fundamental components of life – passion, vocation, profession, mission.


Rae Mano