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Born in the United States, raised in Venezuela, and of a traditional Italian family, Patrizia is a true citizen of the world.  Fluent in three languages, English, Spanish, and Italian, culturally of three continents, and international in nature, she is perhaps most comfortable in a city as international and sophisticated as Miami.    Patrizia originally discovered her acumen for and proficiency in sales and customer service working in the affluent retailing industry in Caracas.  She quickly transitioned to a leading real estate firm in the city, where she soon took over management of its Sales Department.  There, in addition to the marketing and selling of residential and commercial properties, she was responsible for the hiring, development, and coaching of agents within her department.   Years later Patrizia decided, like many before her, to leave Venezuela for the United States, choosing Miami as her new home.  There she joined The Keyes Company, with which she shares the values of education, innovation, integrity, and service.  She believes that Keyes, family owned since 1926, with billions of dollars annually in closed real estate transactions and an entrenched culture of integrity, is the right company to assist her in providing the best, most complete, highly personalized service to help her customers achieve their dreams in real estate.

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Patrizia Pluchino PA