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Prior to deciding to pursue Real Estate I had been in athletics since a young age. My experience as an athlete allowed me to spend my four years at Sacramento State as a Division One Rower. Athletics has laid down an extremely solid foundation for myself and I owe my work ethic and resilience to that experience.

After graduating I turned a hobby into a full time career and became a spin instructor at TEAMride and a CrossFit coach at TriPark Strength, both in Sacramento. My ties to these businesses has created a deep rooted love for the Sacramento community. After spending three years improving people’s lives through fitness, I decided to take my passion for people down a different avenue.

While I was studying to get my license I reached out to Chris Saizan, our team lead, for a shadowing opportunity. I then spent 8 months doing administrative work for our team prior to receiving my license. This time gave me invaluable experience and exposure to the Sacramento Real Estate market.

From day one my passion has been helping people and I feel extremely thankful to be able to direct that passion into Real Estate.


Natasha Bazzo

LIC.# 2138384


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