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Meredith was destined for a successful real estate career since childhood. On a playdate, a five year old Meredith overheard a visitor complain that she couldn’t find a nice beach house. Meredith knew that her neighbor was looking for a summer tenant. She put 2 + 2 together, introduced the two principals, and a deal was reached.

Meredith grew up in both New York and California, and spent most of her career as an advertising stylist. She has styled hundreds of television commercials for international brand consumer products, such as American Express, Burberry, Home Depot and Panasonic.

Meredith’s skill in connecting the dots: between people, and between people and places, and between needs and solutions, continues today as Meredith has applied her design, research, purchasing and networking skills to residential real estate. Meredith has successfully arranged about 45 Manhattan luxury deals on both the seller and buyer side. No contract ever arranged by Meredith has failed to close. She approaches her work with a unique combination of passion, humor and knowledge. Meredith is creative, affable, highly energetic and has good business skills, and she is focused on the needs of her clients and customers. When representing a seller, she is focused on presenting the property in the best possible light, and she makes the property accessible to buyers. When she takes on the representation of a buyer, she is certain to get a sense of the person, and their lifestyle, to find a correct fit.

“It’s my job to listen to stated wants, but also to suggest opportunities that might not have occurred to the buyer”.

She will view or preview as many properties as it takes (after careful editing, of course) for the buyer to find the right fit. She always keeps in mind the importance of momentum, grace, and discretion while getting a deal done.

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