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My academic journey led me to obtain a degree in International Business and Chinese, reflecting my passion for global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding. This drive took me to China, where I immersed myself in the local culture and community for four transformative years. Initially, I was an English Teacher, teaching children and teaching business English to established CEOs.

After 3 years of teaching in Beijing and Shanghai, my next venture was entrepreneurship where I owned a healthy hummus business that catered to both locals and expats. This venture honed my business acumen and adaptability in a vibrant international market. I quickly scaled to fulfill 500+ orders per week, with 13 employees, and continued serving delicious hummus across China. Owning a business in a foreign country, demanded adaptability, resilience and a deep understanding of market dynamics. I learned to negotiate, strategize, and foster strong relationships- skills that seamlessly translate to my role as a realtor.

Returning to the United States, I then pursued my interest in Real Estate, attaining my first licenses in North and South Carolina. Ultimately, I established my roots back home to Florida, where my partner Brian and I then started the Brimar Deluxe Team. Together, we focus on providing exceptional services and personalized experiences for our clients. Our team stands for integrity, expertise and a genuine commitment to helping individuals and families find their perfect homes, or investment properties.

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Marissa Tosoni