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Real Estate is a passion and a mission for me. I love connecting with people from all over the world and watching their joy when they find the right home.

But this field has also afforded me the opportunity to use it as a mission to help orphans in Tanzania. Treasures of Africa Children’s Home is a ministry to AIDS orphans and abandoned children in East Africa. This orphanage was started by my sister, Rita Langeland, after her numerous trips to East Africa left her with a great compassion for the people, in particular the millions of orphans that were fending for themselves on the streets. Located in Moshi, Tanzania at the foot of beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro, this home provides loving care, nutritious food, and an excellent bilingual education in a Christian family environment for orphaned and abandoned children. My husband and I have personally traveled to Tanzania and met each of the children. They are all so beautiful, and have a way of capturing your heart from the minute you step foot on the grounds of TOA. What I love the most, is that the children are being raised to know they can make a difference in this world!!

You can’t go to a third world country like this and not come back wanting to help. So after much encouragement from my husband, I decided to take a leap of faith and enter the Real Estate business with the specific goal of using the funds from each sale to help support TOA. So when you choose me as your Realtor®, you are also impacting lives across the world! For more information on TOA, please visit

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