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With a distinguished career as the leading agent in the Delray Beach Illustrated Properties Office, Kristin Palmeri stands out as a top producer within the company. Operating in the dynamic real estate markets of South Florida and New York, Kristin has also made a mark on the global stage. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and some French, she effortlessly bridges cultural gaps and connects with a diverse clientele.

Beyond the realm of traditional real estate transactions, Kristin brings a unique set of skills to the table. With a keen eye for design, she enhances property appeal, creating spaces that captivate buyers. Kristin also excels in management, ensuring smooth and efficient processes within the office.

Known for creative performance skills, Kristin Palmeri approaches challenges with a fresh perspective. As a problem solver, she thinks outside the box to find innovative solutions, making every deal a success. With a passion for delivering exceptional service and a commitment to excellence, Kristin continues to redefine the standards of real estate success in Delray Beach, South Florida, New York, and beyond.

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Kristin Palmeri