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Kelly is a lifetime resident of Colorado and has been a broker since 2013. She came to Slifer with the dream of continuing her real estate career in the place she calls home. Growing up in the Valley she was able to gain local expertise on the neighborhoods and understands the market thoroughly. In addition to her foothold in the Valley, she was one of the top producers at Madison and Company Properties in Denver Colorado. She studied Real Estate Finance at Southern Methodist University which provided her not only the knowledge about investing, but a strong passion for new projects.

Kelly has the ability to connect with people across a variety of generations. She would like to give the younger generation the tools to become proficient investors in real estate and have an understanding of how important it is to expand your real estate portfolio. She is very interested in the social and economic factors that drive the real estate market. Kelly utilizes new technology and tools to further advance the business, thus increasing the experience of the client.

Kelly always has her friends’, clients’ and family’s best interests at heart. Because her business is largely referral based, she has the ability to connect with people, the business savvy and overall understanding of the market. These are all traits that have gotten her to where she is today. Kelly is very eager to build new business and personal relationships in the Valley.

In her free time she enjoys skiing with family and friends, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and traveling to new destinations to feed her hunger for adventure. She loves spending quality time with the people in her life, and more than anything enjoys creating new connections.

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Kelly VanHee

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