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Janine Lequay is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with expertise in multiple fields and a diverse educational background.  Her experience is deeply embedded in helping others achieve their goals and realizing their potential.  Property ownership is a momentous achievement and Janine understands the challenges along the way.  With a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Janine has a solid foundation in the intricacies of people management which has enabled her to understand the demands of the real estate industry and aid her clients in making a mark in this space.


With a nuanced understanding of human behavior and an expertise in change management, Janine understands how to assist her clients in securing a piece(s) of an ever-changing real estate industry, solidifying one’s legacy and enjoying the limitless possibilities property ownership provides.


Navigating the complexities of the real estate market can be a challenge, but Janine aims to support her clients in this process by educating them and keeping them fully informed and engaged along the way.  Janine’s success in leading change for large corporations, further underscores her ability to lead and facilitate smooth transitions within dynamic environments.  This skill has been mastered through understanding the unique demands and behaviors of her clients with an unwavering focus on ensuring their needs are met.


Janine Lequay brings a unique blend of real estate knowledge, psychological insight, and expertise in change management to any professional setting. This diverse skill set positions her as a valuable asset in the World of Real Estate which requires a holistic understanding of both the property market and the human dynamics of home ownership.

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Janine Lequay